Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Dear Playground Bully

Dear Playground Bully,

I hope you learned your lesson. The next time you decide to pick on a little guy, you'll think twice.

I can see you now, looking at my sweet little son, quietly playing all alone. You thought he would be a great victim. He's small. He's a bit uncoordinated. He appears to have a speech impediment but that is actually a VNese accent. And you probably thought I wasn't watching even tho I had just told you to quit badgering him.

But He surprised you, didn't he?

You see, your most recent victim spent the last six years living in an orphanage. He KNOWS how to protect himself with a well deserved karate kick! I was not aware of this fact until I saw his reaction to your attack--WOW! While I am not an advocate of violence, I believe in self protection.

You got what you deserved buddy.

My son has now been given bragging rights for his bravery. I was concerned he was overexcited about it until his 18 yo brother reminded me that David probably bragged for quite some time after taking down Goliath.

Sincerely hoping you don't forget the taste of barkchips for a long time to come,

Kung Fu's Mother


StaceynCorey said...

Way to go Vu!! I bet you wished you had a video camera, LOL :)

asian~treasures said...

Good for you, Vu, sticking up for yourself. And, good for you, Mom, for not stepping in sooner. You may have helped that playground bully learn a lesson about picking on "the little guy."

Sheri--Holt BB