Thursday, March 6, 2008

Our Miracle Baby

I am in the midst of (finally) making Vu's adoption announcement. That means I am hiring someone to help do it since I still don't have it done. In making it, I was reminded how tiny he was when he was born.

Vu was two and a half months premature, weighing just over three pounds. Three pounds!!! He was only 14" long. He was born in a small VNese hospital with, no doubt, minimal medical supplies to care for a premature baby. The fact that he is now a forty pound six-year-old running around our house pretending he is a ninja is nothing short of a miracle. God has a very, VERY special plan for Vu.

Since I have so little of Vu's past, I thought it would be neat to find a copy of baby footprints from a three pound preemie. They wouldn't be his, but they would be a keepsake of how small his feet probably were.

I got online but had no luck. Anyone know where such a thing might be found? I did find the following preemie pictures and wanted to share.

This one made me sad that I was not there to stroke him, talk to him, hold him and encourage him. My hope is that there was a special someone at the the hospital who mothered him. I know once he got to the orphanage at two months and four pounds, he had many who loved and cared for him.


This baby is TINY! One of the youngest surviving babies, born at just 21 weeks. She is now a happy, healthy little girl! Isn't it amazing?


Vu's announcement turned out just how I wanted. I will be mailing them sometime in the next year (at the rate I am going). The only part I struggled with was how to sign the names of our kids. Our past announcements have always listed all the siblings individually and I just can't bare to leave out Joe's name. So I finally just decided to sign: Eric, Ann and Family.

The announcements have his referral photo on the front with his name, birth statistics and place of birth. At the bottom it has the words-- "He came rushing into this world . . ."

Then the card opens to a picture of him running with the words-- "And on October 30th 2007, he came running into our loving arms."

He came so willingly with us, so bravely. He was well prepared but also so open to a new life. He literally came rushing into the world and running into our lives and hearts.

We are blessed.

"Every good and perfect gift is from above." James 1:17.

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