Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My Sisters

So, you know what? I kicked some booty and while I was at it, I took some names! I am SO glad I listened to my kids!

I said I wanted to introduce my sisters properly and give links to those with blogs. I always tell my kids that the greatest gift they have is their siblings. Their siblings need to be their best friends because they will always be there for them through good times and bad and even in Heaven!

Speaking of siblings, I am planning a big blog on siblings WITHOUT rivalry very soon--stay tuned. Others often comment on how well our kids get along and on the chance we are doing something right, I thought I should blog about it :-)

I feel so blessed by my three sisters. We are as different as the four seasons yet together keep all the planets in alignment. We love time spent together laughing and talking and laughing and talking. We can laugh so hard we pee our pants. All except Nicole. She thinks we are Weird! She's the normal one!

Dog Lover is the oldest. Guess what? She loves dogs! Her life is as full of dogs as mine is kids. My own dog lover, Kim, thinks Dog Lover's house is the greatest place on earth because she has animals everywhere! Dogs, cats, horses, chickens. She breeds dogs, trains dogs and grooms dogs. Oh, and on top of that, she runs a dog kennel business. Did I say she likes dogs?

She also homeschools her kids, is the needlepoint queen, loves castles and vacations and being a grandma! She has four kids, two are married. She and I fought (yes, like cats and dogs) growing up but now we are good friends. Amazing what maturity can do! She does not have a blog and rarely even e-mails so you will just have to learn about her from the three who blog.

Texas, also known as Ellis, is my baby sister who of course, lives in Texas. She is hysterically funny, a great storyteller, and a clone of Martha Stewart. She loves excitement, entertaining and vacations. She has three kids and when they get together with mine, we don't see them for days. She is never home so it's a good thing she blogs so I can keep up with her. Read her blog here

Nicole is my baby, baby sister. I am twelve years older so she was my first real baby! Now we are all grown up (her more than me). She has a four year old son who is a kick in the pants and she is in the process of adoption through Holt's Ethiopia and China programs. They are due to be matched ANY DAY!!!! Every time she calls I wonder if she has BIG NEWS! She is the queen of last minute entertaining and will think nothing of inviting her whole neighborhood over with just an hour's notice. She also likes tennis, fine dining and vacations! Read her blog here

We are all very different but we love each other, we love our crazy lives, and we love being moms. We also LOVE our parents and thank them for the greatest gift--each other!

Now a picture of course!

Here we are in Las Vegas celebrating my BIL's 40th. We were to dress Las Vegas-y.

Me, Nicole, Mom, Texas and Dog Lover


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