Thursday, March 20, 2008

Random Wed.--Car Supplies

Okay, so it's not Wed. Hey, it's been a busy week! But I do have a Random Wed. Tip for you. On the first day of each new season resupply your car.

While it doesn't FEEL like spring here the calendar says today it's official so for me, that means supplying our car for baseball season. I fill a large Rubbermaid Tote with:

  • Large blanket
  • Extra jackets
  • Bottled water
  • Snacks--especially red licorice and sunflower seeds!
  • Sunblock--we can always hope we might need it sometime soon!
  • First Aid kit
  • Baby wipes and hand sanitizer--is there anything as bad as portable toilets?

Add folding chairs to the back of the van and I'm good to go!

When my kids were younger I would put in extra diapers, wipes, change of clothing AND--

HERE'S THE BEST TIP EVER--a potty chair!

Why? To avoid those nasty port-a-potties! Toddler and preschoolers can easily use a potty chair in the back of a van--just put a little garbage bag inside the pull-out plastic potty catching part and then, once they are done, take out the garbage bag, pee and all, and throw away in a garbage.

You can also just leave the pee in the potty and do you know it will not spill on your way home? Tried and true and passed on to me by a smart woman named Catherine B.! Thank you for saving most of my children from gross baseball field port-a-potties!!

The first day of summer I resupply my car with summer stuff and the first day of fall with soccer/football stuff. It's good having a reminder day like the change of seasons.

Now for a picture of my baseball guy who is PITCHING!!! Can you believe it? He loves pitching just like his older brother Joe did. Will's a lefty too and can throw some HEAT but he injured his elbow three years ago and underwent "Tommy John" surgery. For those who are not baseball fanatics, that is where doctors take a tendon out of one arm to replace the damage in the elbow.

After a year off Will was hoping to come back last year but it never happened. It appeared the surgery had not been successful. But this year? It appears our Angel In The Outfield asked God for a favor for his little bro. Thanks God!

Here's Will pitching yesterday for a WIN! It was a great day! We know Joe is smiling too.



asian~treasures said...

Oh my word...those are great "car tips!!!" DH is off tomorrow, so I'll be working tote while he keeps track of Micah.

: ) Sheri--Holt BB

StaceynCorey said...

Great tips, especially the potty tip :)

I hope Will has a great pitching season!!

4dogs said...

Love the potty in the car tip w/the plastic bag. Would have never thought of that. For a first time Mom like me, that's a great tip!!! Keep 'em coming!

Cath said...

If this is my moment of fame, I'll take it -- even if it is about a potty :) Boy did that potty in the car save me many panic filled moments of hunting for a bathroom. Have potty, will travel!
I am always remembering your great parenting tips. I remember back when you had 4 or 5 kids you telling me, "Nothing your kids do will ever shock me. Mine have probably already done that or worse." Just that comment alone made me so comfortable around you.
I love your blog. It seems like you are right there having that latte with me. I miss you tons.
Lots of love,
-Potty queen for the day :)