Wednesday, March 26, 2008

RTW--saving money

Clever me will now proclaim Random Thought/Tip Wednesday as RTW. I'm a freakin' genius I tell ya, a GENIUS!!!

I have a great tip on saving money on the ol' grocery bill. The first part is, for the most part, common sense. The second part may be something you've never considered.

Part one: When preparing a meal or snack do not go to the pantry first, go to the fridge. See what perishable foods and left overs you have on hand. Yes, think inside the box and prepare your meal/snack around that. Leftover spaghetti actually makes a great breakfast. My kids taught me this one. They prefer it to traditional foods.

Part two: When we let food go to waste we pay double the next time.

For instance, let's say I pay $3. for a bunch of asparagus--Paul's favorite! I place it in what I affectionately call "The Rotter." You know, those fridge drawers that say they are the Crisper? If I forget about it and have to throw it out, I will, in effect, pay $6. for my next bunch of asparagus ($3 for the new bunch + $3 for the bunch that went bye-bye).

How's that for some amazing inspiration?

I'm a genius I tell ya, a genius.

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StaceynCorey said...

I'm with you on the "rotter." I hate it when something gets forgotten in there and you have to throw it out; such a bummer.
thanks for the words of wisdom ;)