Sunday, August 17, 2008

Day 1 Part 2--I'm Back!

Delayed due to technical difficulties--just imagine this is DVR style AND you can't find the remote! Sorry!
continued from day 1 part 1 . . .

I have the perfect way to overstimulate a newly adopted (or any other) child in one day or less—take them to Disneyland!

In all seriousness, Vu did amazingly well considering the fact that when he first came home just taking him into 7-11 overwhelmed him! He really did enjoy several of the rides--others provided a love/hate relationship where he would be both thrilled and terrified. His favorites were Star Tours (a Star Wars ride) and Buzz Lightyear’s target shooting.

The weather was PERFECT and the crowds minimal. Our longest line was only 30 minutes--a pleasant surprise!

Rides provided excitement all the way around. James, Sara, Will, Lizzy and Kim were the lucky recipients of Disney Dream passes, randomly given out to 200 visitors a day. This entitled them to an extra 12 Fast Passes (go to the front of the line) and they were able to fit in 33 rides the first day!

Later in the evening Eric took the little kids back to the hotel and the big kids got me on Space Mountain and Thunder Mountain Railroad. I am not afraid of roller coasters per say, it’s the mechanical failure I am terrified of. I’ve heard that several people die at Disneyland every year and are paid off to keep it mum. As we turned a particularly scary corner my thoughts were that at least my children would get big bucks when I died. Kim had similar thoughts. She said she just kept saying over and over, “Please God! Don’t let me die!”

Then we rode the same ride again! Crazy! The best part was spending time with my older kids, seeing their smiles and hearing their laughter. I don’t get a lot of time with just the older kids so it was very special.

We all went back to the motel with tired, aching feet. Some of the ranks suffered sunburns, blisters and leg rashes but everyone wore a smile and everyone is excited to hit the big D again tomorrow!

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