Friday, August 22, 2008

The LONG Road Home

As I type we are four hours into the trip but have only traveled 180 miles. No golds today--not even in medal contention. Did I ever mention there is a lot of traffic in LA?
ET Phone Home! Someone save me from my family!

Nicole left for the airport at 6:30. I imagine flying with two small children she is having even more fun than I am. We miss her already. The kids love being with cousins and I am so glad we had special time together:

After so many days of theme parks, walking, excitement, late nights and early mornings I would think my kids would sleep but instead they are more hyper than ever! I was on the phone with my mom and I heard Eric shout into the backseat, “Patrick no! Water bottles should not be used as weapons!”

It’s going to be a FUN day!!!

D1 just called (yes, we are invading them again tonight) and asked if I needed anything at Costco. After a long pause I suggested a tranquilizer gun. He laughed and said Costco only sells in bulk. Sign me up!!!

I do have Benadril left over from Patrick’s asthma attack. Do you think it would be considered child abuse to give all five children double doses?

Maybe I’ll just take all five myself!

I’ll update later if I’m still sound in body, mind and spirit. On second thought, I'll update later if I'm still alive.

If you were driving with us, you would hear all the fun things my kids say. Since you're not, welcome to my world!:

“Get your finger out of your nose, you’re clear up to the second joint!”

“I need to go potty! Bad!” long pause “Uh-oh! I need new underwear!”

“Oh no! Does someone have a TON of napkins?”

“I’m getting carsick.”

Life is never dull, especially in the car for six hours.

Update #3:

Dear Mr. Nintendo,

I love you so much. You are my favorite inventor. Your invention of the handheld video game is right up there with the Miracle Bra. You rock!

Thank you,
Still Sane After Seven Hours

Update #4

We’re now eleven hours into the trip. I’m in the back with the kids keeping the peace. Entertainment has included:

*Finding Waldo 1000 times
*Listening to Ribsy on CD or rather, trying to hear amongst the chatter.
*Making up a story of the Crazy family that got locked into Disneyland for a week.
*Doing an amazing (IMHO) puppet show with Tweety Bird, two Shamus, and a Beenie dog. The kids loved it, Eric’s ready to stuff my mouth.
*Playing hangman until I’m ready to lead myself to the gallows.

We’re almost to D and D’s! Hip, hip, hooray!

Update #5
The day ended great with happy kids playing with the bunny, the dog and the Foosball table complete with watching the Olympics and eating watermelon with special friends.
It’s good, it’s all good.

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StaceynCorey said...

LOL!!! Love the continuous updates. Too, too funny. Glad to hear you guys are having a great time.