Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More medals

Well, we drove a little less and stopped a little more so I guess only a bronze today. But it was still a gold medal day! We made it to LA—woohoo!

A few thoughts on California:

It is a very big state
They grow lots of stuff especially tomatoes, grapes and something on trees
They drive very fast! 80 was average!
Lots of traffic on bumpy 7-lane freeways! (How did two hicks from the sticks ever drive in this on their honeymoon 27 years ago? More proof we were crazy aside from the fact we were getting married at the age of 18!)
People dress stylish
Lots of fancy cars
Beautiful sunshine!
The home of Mickey Mouse and the Happiest Place On Earth!

CrazyForKids Party of 21
We have quite a gathering of family here. James and Sara flew in so I am one happy Momma to have all my kids together in one place. We know Joe was with us too :-)

Nicole flew in with her new baby and 4yo James. Here is Lizzy taking a nap with little Etame. Is this the cutest picture ever? Check out their fingers.
Add to that my Mom and Dad and Aunt plus my sister Texas with her whole family for a total of 21 people. CRAZY! But FUN!
We ate dinner at the ESPN Zone. The little (and big) boys kept going into the bathroom to see the TVs in every stall—every man’s dream come true! Of course we had to hit the video games upstairs. That was a riot. I wish I had a video of Vu and Sam boxing. I do have pics on my other camera—I’ll post those when I get back.

Tomorrow’s Disney!

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