Monday, August 11, 2008

Olympic Gold

We’ve created a new Olympic sport—the unpack and repack. In a matter of fifteen hours we arrived home from the Holt Campout, unloaded, unpacked, dried, cleaned, washed, swept, laundered (and laundered and laundered), put away, repacked and reloaded, then headed back out for Disneyland!

Eric wanted to allow more time and come home a day earlier but I KNEW we could do it! Who needs sleep?

We did it! (But the next time I come up with a super fantastic "I know we can do it plan" I hereby give Eric permission to poke me in the butt with a marshmallow roasting stick!)

We deserve a gold medal—and a trip supply of Starbucks!

Mickey, batten down the castle, we’re on the way!

Our private chauffeur:

Happy and ready to go!

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