Tuesday, September 30, 2008


My garden symbolizes my life very well--abundant and crazy! As I was planting my garden my dad tried to gently inform me those giant pumpkins were going to fill up my garden. He was right!

In a similar fashion, my kids have filled up my life! :-)

But it's good! It's all good!

The pumpkins got so big and thorny we can hardly get to our tomatoes and I can't even FIND our cucumbers! For all I know, there's a kid lost in there somewhere!

One of the pumpkins in growing on the OTHER side of the shed next to the garden. I've got a green thumb! For the first time in my life!


StaceynCorey said...

Wow, that's awesome! What a wonderful harvest you'll have this year. How fun!

Christina said...

I'm impressed! Seriously, I've tried to grow pumpkins a few times and I never get past the flowers... sigh... maybe next year? (Hope springs eternal!)