Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Adoptions Shutdown

It's official. And it makes me very, very sad.

While I GREATLY support a more transparent process and end to corruption I was hoping Vietnam and the U.S. would continue to allow ethical agencies to find homes for children until a new memorandum could be signed.

Here's the beginning of the AP article:

"HANOI, Vietnam - A U.S.-Vietnam adoption agreement expired Monday with the two sides unable to resolve disagreements over fraud and corruption, disappointing hundreds of prospective parents who will have to seek children elsewhere.

The two countries said they will continue trying to iron out their differences, but for now the program will be suspended indefinitely."

(I do have to comment here on the author's choice of words "seek children elsewhere" Ugh!)

Read it in full here

Another site to read is Voices For Vietnam Integrity

It's so discouraging to know that a few greedy, corrupt people will keep thousands of kids from having a mommy and a daddy.

My heart goes out to PAPs whose arms ache with emptiness and kids whose lives do.

I have much to catch up on with everyone but couldn't let this day pass without a post.

Praying for all . . . .

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