Friday, September 19, 2008

Have Kids Will Travel

I really, truly, want to say "Thank you!" to everyone who sent sympathetic and encouraging words. I felt your love and passed it on to Levi's family. It makes me want to meet each of you in person even more.

So, why not?

Anyone live in Texas? Portland? St. Louis? Baltimore? Spokane? Seattle? Boise???

I'm planning to visit all those places in the next several months.

Why? How? When? Who, what, where???

Let me back up a bit . . .

First day of school pictures:
Kim and Paul--Paul was actually more excited than he looks. He has an AWESOME teacher who has survived four of our older kids.

Here's me off to high school. Oh, wait a minute, no, it's not me, it's Lizzy but she is wearing the exact same outfit I wore in high school. At least, those boots look just like mine did . . .

Will's getting ready for college.
Those are not girlfriends! You pervs! They are related--cousin . . . sister . . . cousin's friend (considered related!).
He is selling his car so he can make a more economic choice of cars--one that gets more than 10 MPG.
Anyone want to buy a gas hog but really cool Nova?
For Sale. FUN to drive! Accessories not included.

Do I have everyone covered for first day of school?
Left out a couple?
That's because three days before school started I decided to go off the deep-end and . . .
HOMESCHOOL Patrick and Vu!
Yup! Count me as a crazy!

This was also taken the first day and no, it is not posed. If it were I would have pulled Patrick's shirt down over his undies. At least he has undies on which is more than I can say for Vu who has reverted to his VNese freedoms:

What does this mean? I also have freedom as in--I can travel freely. Well, as free as one can be with two 6yo boys!
On the top of our travel agenda is to visit some of Vu's friends from his orphanage who now have families in the U.S.! Anyone want to meet up? Anyone have a guest room? Of course, I have to "know" you, as in know you for real OR from the internet. (Wow! That sounds SO wrong! I really hope my social worker is not reading this!)

We have some upcoming happy times!

Thanks again for helping us through some very, VERY unhappy ones.


StaceynCorey said...

Oh that sounds like so much fun! Have a great time traveling the country. We don't live in any of the cities you listed and live in a tiny house with no guest room but if you're driving through Northern CA, please let me know and perhaps we could meet you for lunch or something.

Sue said...

We live just outside Washingon, DC and have PLENTY of room for you and the boys! I've been following your blog since we made our decision to adopt our little guy (7 yo) last winter and would LOVE to meet you in person!

I don't know when you're planning to travel, but we probably won't go to pick up Hung until November(ish). Let us know!


Anonymous said...

Everythings Bigger in Texas - we have plenty of room for everyone and a hot tub, too! Please please please come visit!

Anne said...

OH... it sounds like you are not coming as far as us (East Coast), but if you want to we DO have a guest room and would LOVE to meet you guys!!!

It's Absolutely Us. said...

What about us? PLEEAASSEEE!! Haha! We miss you guys and would love to have you stay at our house. Atlanta isn't THAT far!