Friday, October 3, 2008

Courthouse, Jail, Baseball and Pho

Yesterday was an exciting day! We went to the court house and filed Vu's final adoption papers. His name will also legally be changed. We will keep his Vietnamese name for his middle name and also give him a second one, keeping in tradition with all six of our boys. And of course, he will be named after a famous baseball player--Cal Ripken Jr.--the official choice of his late brother Joe (named after Joe DiMaggio) and approved by our own Ty Cobb, Ted Williams, Alex Rodriguez and Lou Gehrig.

I should be labeled worst procrastinator of the year but I just wasn't ready to dive into all the paperwork after that hideous dossier (we were so spoiled with our Korean adoptions which do not require a dossier)!

Always out to save some cash we did the paperwork ourselves--just before going to the courthouse I made sure everything was in order:

Two cute boys at the courthouse. They were VERY impressed when I pointed out the jail cells!

To celebrate we went out for lunch at our favorite VNese restaurant:

Vu ate and ate and ATE! Pho (VNese beef noodle soup) is his favorite. Patrick loves the VNese chow mein.


It's Absolutely Us. said...

SO glad to know we aren't the only ones who've procrastinated with this!!! Well... guess now we are the only ones, LOL.

Both of your boys are so cute! It sounds like you homeschooling them has really lead to some fun field trips :)

StaceynCorey said...

Love the title of this one. You had me wondering if someone forgot to pay a parking ticket or something, LOL. It's so nice to get the court stuff all done. Love all the awesome pics too :)

Hank said...

That is awesome! How fast he does grow!! WOW!!!