Friday, October 24, 2008

Tattoo Advice Please

First of all, I wanted to comment on how truly wonderful it really was to get Vu back together with his friend. I wish we lived closer so our boys could see more of each other but we are already making plans for future visits.

Since that night, Vu has talked about Vietnam every day and a flood of memories have come back including adventures he had with his dear friend-- including one where they locked themselves in a room and helped themselves to some medicine! Let me tell you, I am CERTAIN those two kept their nannies on their toes! :-)

Next, it is midnight, but I couldn't let another day go by without telling you I've missed posting and have been a real slacker lately! LOL! Classes are settling in so hopefully I'll chat a bit more!

Tomorrow . . . I promise, an update and lots of pics!

For now, a question I've been pondering for a long time--what should I get a tattoo of? I'm serious! And no, this is not a mid-life crisis question! I am way to busy to have a midlife crisis! (Perhaps just the last bit of my teenage rebellion coming out tho.)

Now's your chance to throw out some ideas for me! Absolutely Yours--please chime in!

1.) Must be relatively small
2.) Must have something to do with my kids, peace, and/or my faith
3.) Must be able to cover it up if desired (no ankle tats)
3.) Must be able to show it off if desired (no butt tats)
4.) Must be on an area that will not shrivel up (no boob tats--also see #3)
Honest advice--even those who think I shouldn't do it

Will finally gave up waiting for me to go with him and have dual tattoos. Here's his--with his brother's name (Drew aka Joe) and a cross--got a big stamp of approval by me :-)

Pretty baller, huh? For all you old foggies, "baller" is the new word for "cool"! I gotta keep up with all these young kids!


Anonymous said...

COOL!! Do your children's names mean anything in their culture? My daughters name means "cherry blossom" and I plan on getting a tat of a cherry blossom tree with her name "etched" into the trunk like it was carved there. I know you have more than one child so this might not work...your whole body would be covered!!! HAHA!!! How about praying hands and a short passage from scripture that relates to chilren and love underneath? That would be cool on your shoulder blade. Hope this helps! Sorry for the long post!

Jackie from VN BB

sandwichinwi said...

Wow! this is a toughie! You could do something relating to the number of your kids, but then you couldn't add more. You could do something related to Vietnam, but you also have kids from Korea (right?) and America. I like the Bible verse about children idea.

How about the middle of your upper back? Kneecap? (kidding!)

I think the incredible shrinking boob tattoo is really funny! I never thought about that!

What about something over your heart (a little higher, I guess. Literally, OVER (aka above).

I hope we get to see a picture!


robandchristel said...

This is almost scary bizarre!! Our son Tyler has almost the exact cross, same size on the exact same spot!! I just emailed him (we're still in Vietnam) to have him send me a pic so I could show you. I brought both of my older kids to get their tats on their birthdays last year. Then I finally had both of mine done. (at 46) The key is finding a great tattoo "ARTIST" . A good one can take your general ideas and create something really beautiful.

4dogs said...

Hi Ann...I'm sending you an email of what I recently got...

Whatever you get, I'm sure it will be cool.

Ann said...

Thanks for some good ideas already! Funny Jeepers about the whole body! :-)

I'd also like to be able to see it without looking in the mirror so that kind of rules out the back. I also don't want it on my stomach because I'm worried of what it will look like if I ever gain 100 pounds! LOL! Want to be able to wear a sleeveless evening gown and fancy shoes or be at my kids' weddings without it showing too. (Hey, I'm going to be like 90 before they are all old enough to get married so I probably won't be sleeveless or even in high heels when the last one goes but still . . . !

Now that I've ruled out every part of my body I am still open to suggestions!

Also, Rob, I told you Will and Tyler were separated at birth!

amber at said...

Here's the tattoo idea that I was going to get on my 30th birthday but chickened out on - I just don't like the idea of being in an old folks home covered in tats. I know some people really like them, but they still have a trashy element (not that there's anything wrong with that).

I was going to get a bird, like a peceful dove maybe, flying just above a "nest" made of five dots representing my family. The whole thing would be meant to symbolize how I am my own free person, but always have a nest/home to return to. A nest that grounds me....

Sharada & Richard Kettle said...

I am not sure what to tell you to get- a good tattoo artist has files of his designs and creations...that's how I found mine. As far as nonsaggy possible cover up locations I would go with the shoulder- you can show it off in a swimsuit or tank top or wear short sleeves. Another would be the outside of the thigh-below the hip area or the middle of the low back-but that would almost always be covered. I have one in each of those spots. ;-) Good luck!!!

maxhelcal said...

Oh my goodness! LOL Ann! You go girl!

I am not into the whole tatoo thing so I have no input on where or what to do but hey, you could always get those non permanant ones and experiment. I cringe thinking of the pain involved with a real one.



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Party of Seven said...

I got one last year across my lower back. Sean designed it and drew it for the tattoo artist. In the middle is a turtle (hawaiian style) represents our favorite family vacations together, then on each side of the turtle I have a hibiscus flowers, six total for each member of our family. Also in the center of the turtle near the heart is a small flower which represents Ava born in our hearts and soon to be with our family. I will email you a picture. It took about 2 1/2 hours and was not that bad. I am already planning my second one on the middle of my upper back. I would like a chinese lantern with cherry blossoms and the character for daughter in chinese on the lantern. Sean still needs to draw it for me. Good luck!!