Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Turkey Day!

We had a very relaxing and wonderful holiday spent with family, friends, books and movies. I even got some sewing in and made a baby quilt for one of my best friends who just had a baby. She and I are the same age so she makes me feel very young!

On Thanksgiving the women do the cooking:

The men worked hard too (notice the three little boys in the background watching Bakugan on Grandma's computer):

James and Glamour Girl joined us:

My Mom sets a beautiful table--she is the original Martha Stewart. Unfortunately, she did not pass that gene on to me.

Dad carves the turkey while James learns the talent:

First a prayer then time to eat:

After we eat it's time to play lots of games including Patrick's new favorite--Battleship:

Back at home, time to end the day with an all-out wrestling match/pillow fight:

We always scope out the ads for early morning Black Friday shopping. We got a late start and didn't get up until 6:30 but Santa did get several hours of shopping in :-)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Are You Serious?

I went to get my hair cut yesterday and told my hairdresser to schedule me in six weeks--just before Christmas. I am almost certain she ENJOYED informing me that in six weeks it would be January 8th.


I am so unprepared, unorganized and unready for Christmas. And I don't want to hear from any of you about how you already have all your shopping done and can now just sit around baking cookies and making handmade dryer-lint ornaments. No, no! Maybe someday--right now I just want to sidle up to Mr. Grinch!

I actually love Christmas, it just seems to have come so quick!

I am hearing some Santa requests however so perhaps it will help put me in the mood and inspire me to do some shopping.

Paul wants Rock Band. Here he is with his own, self-made practice set, how cute it this? He has Tinkertoys for his cymbal and drum sticks, a tambourine from when I was a kid, the top of a plastic box for his drum and some bongo drums added in.
Maybe we shouldn't buy him anything and just let him keep being creative?


For now, I'm going to enjoy Thanksgiving and then go into full panic mode.

Until then, let's hope waking up to sweet little munchins will keep me smiling and filled with peace:

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Operators Are Standing By To Take Your Call

Thank you for your patience! Our call volume and velocity has been extremely high but operators are now standing by to answer your questions.

Please choose from the following options:

For updates on the crazy lady's tattoo click #1 HERE

For updates on moving click #2 HERE

To Wish Rosebud a Happy Birthday click #3 HERE

For answers to when we will adopt again click #4 HERE

To speak to an operator SAY "FIVE."

Say it louder.

We appear to be experiencing technical difficulties, more updates later.

Please continue to hold . . .

#1 Tattoo Update

You have pushed number one, Tattoo Update.

I have decided on my tattoo! It is going to be a ladybug. I have always loved ladybugs and believe they are a sign of good things to come.

My ladybug is going to have eight spots--one for each kid. I am having a cross put in where the wings and head come together. I am going to circle around the ladybug with the word "family," written three times, but in three different languages--English, Korean and Vietnamese.

And YES OF COURSE I am leaving plenty of space for more dots--this is upon the advice of my older children, NOT my husband!

I am planning on putting it on my foot tho possibly the shoulder.

I am still deciding WHERE to have it done. The shop where Will got his "isn't my style" according to Will which translates into "isn't as clean as an operating room" which is what I'm looking for.

As for size. I have decided to go with lifesize. A lifesize ladybug. What do you think?

That, of course, is a joke--but not by much. The ladybug will be about the size of a dollar coin with the words written around it making it larger. Go ahead! Call me a chicken! I gotta start somewhere!


You have selected option #2--moving.

Not much to say here except that procrastination is making me wait! We have someone looking but only in our immediate area. We got the big "NO WAY!" from our girls to moving out of the school district. I don't blame them.

In some ways, I find it ridiculous that we think we need a bigger house. We actually just need less stuff!

Then again, our house isn't big by modern standards and I recently noticed we have more kids than average.

Don't want a bigger mortgage. Do want more space. Do want to buy in this market. Don't want to sell.

As you can see, still undecided and not planning on doing anything until after the holidays. My boss might give me a big Christmas bonus this year!!! Probably wishful thinking--last I heard he's planning on a jelly-of-the-month subscription.

#3 Happy birthday Rosebud!

You have selected option #3--Happy Birthday!

Rosebud is one of my best friends! We have been besties since our oldest boys were both babies and we lived in Germany. We don't get to see each other often and neither of us is good at calling or writing but when we do get together, it is like slipping into my old, favorite pair of jeans--comfortable and comforting.

I didn't call you on your special day so now I'll make it up to you via the net. HA! That sounds SO LAME! At least I made you a cake (see below) You know I love you!

BFF! Hope to see you soon! Everyone wish Rosebud a Happy Birthday!!!


#4 Plans To Adopt?

You have selected option #4--can she get any crazier?

I am leaving space for a dot or two on my ladybug so I guess that says something HOWEVER I believe my ATM man will take some convincing. Make that a LOT of convincing. I've already used the boy/boat swap trick. Anyone have any new ideas?

I can tell you one thing. He can no longer use the excuse that we have no more beds. My three little boys have decided it is much more fun to sleep in BOXES!!!

I kid you not. Don't know why. Guess it's just really cool to wake up smelling like broccoli. Check it out . . .
So, we now have not one, not two, but THREE empty beds! Plenty of space!

One less excuse. Anyone else have ideas on convincing the old fart that he really does like being poor?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Please Remain Seated . . .

For English . . . Press 1 . . .

For all other languages . . . please hang up and dial again . . .

Your call is important to us . . .

We are busy assisting other customers--our Gold Star Members. We are assisting with services such as-- three end-of-the-year soccer parties, one end-of-the year volleyball party, a trip to the eye doctor and the orthodontist, one school program, one church group meeting and one build-your-own-log-cabin-out-of-a-shoebox school project.

If you would like to become a Gold Star Member, please send in a large donation, a case of toilet paper, and a Starbucks gift card. All applications will be considered.

Please remain seated . . .


Someone will be with you shortly . . . I promise . . .

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Please Hold . . .

We appreciate your patience . . .

We are experiencing high call volume at this time . . .

Your call will be answered in the order it was received . . .

Please hold . . .


(keep holding)

Monday, November 17, 2008


Hello . . . no one is available to take your call.

Your call is important to us . . . please stay on the line and the next available operator will be right with you . . .


Please hold . . .

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veteran's Day

Eric visiting his fellow troops a few weeks after he retired:

To my husband who served 22 years, to both my dad's and several BIL's, to my many nephews who have served (two in Iraq right now), to our many great friends who served and continue to serve and to you Stacey . . .


We are the land of the free because of the brave.

In your honor I have a special guest on my blog today-- Toby Keith singing "American Hero."

(viewer discretion advised for young children)

(To Mom and others who are smart enough to spend as little time as possible on computers--click on the underlined words 'Toby Keith' to see the video :-)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Do you wear shorts and a parka at the same time?

So, now you all know I was caught wearing a sweatshirt, vest, sweatpants, socks and SANDLES all at the same time--just trying to make a fashion statement! Geesh!

My sister sent me this about Oregonians but it could also be true of those living in the state of Washington or Idaho. Funny--and true!


If someone in a Home Depot store offers you assistance and they don't work
> there, you live in Oregon .
> If you've worn shorts and a parka at the same time, you live in Oregon .
> If you've had a lengthy telephone conversation with someone who dialed the
> wrong number, you live in Oregon .
> If 'vacation' means going anywhere south of Salt Lake City for the
> weekend, you live in Oregon .
> If you measure distance in hours, you live in Oregon .
> If you know several people who have hit a deer more than once, you live in
> Oregon .
> If you have switched from 'heat' to 'A/C' and back again in the same day,
> you live in Oregon .
> If you install security lights on your house and garage but leave both
> unlocked, you live in Oregon .
> If you can drive 75 mph through 2 feet of snow during a raging blizzard
> without flinching, you live in Oregon .
> If you design your kid's Halloween costume to fit over a snowsuit, you
> live in Oregon .
> If the speed limit on the highway is 55 mph --you're going 80, and
> everyone is still passing you, you live in Oregon .
> If driving is better in the winter because the potholes are filled with
> snow, you live in Oregon .
> If you know all 4 seasons: almost winter, winter, still winter, and road
> construction, you live in Oregon .
> If you find 10 degrees 'a little chilly', you live in Oregon .
> If you actually understand these jokes, you live in Oregon .

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Today is the big day. The day to vote! In our state, there is a stand-off between two people running for chief household CEO--chief cook, janitor, grocery shopper and bottle washer. The two opponents are running non-stop negative ads and it's hard to know what to believe. Perhaps we should do some fact checking . . . .

First, meet the candidates:

Mrs. Crazy claims to fulfill the duties even while camping:
(her opponents argue she should not be trusted or voted for--if for no other reason than the fact she is wearing socks with sandles. Ohhh!)
Mr. Crazy claims to be the only one who ever BBQs or bakes:
Fact check--guilty as charged.

The incumbent claims that her opponent is a former CIA, KGB, ABC and XYZ:
Fact check--the opponent did spend several years working for the White House but his duties there are top-secret. Says Mr. Crazy, "I could tell you but then I would have to kill you. And I don't want to do that because then I would have to go to jail and then I couldn't continue on with my new, more exciting life as an ATM."

Mr. Crazy claims that his opponent has a wild side and stays out long past midnight.

Fact check--the incumbent admits to some late night parties on at least two occasions including the midnight launching of both Harry Potter and Breaking Dawn:

The incumbent has accused her opponent of too much hunting and fishing while the opponent claims he is simply trying to provide virtual meat in his duties of entertaining his father-in-law:
Fact check: Both parties admit that hunting and fishing is really just an excuse for a bunch of guys to get together to burp and fart in peace.

The opponent claims that the incumbent tricked him into signing stacks of paperwork and large checks. He thought he was signing for a boat to be picked up in Vietnam.

The incumbent claims her opponent simply needs to turn up his hearing aid and that she said "boy" not "boat."

Fact check: Both agree the outcome was much better than a boat:
Besides, the incumbent says her opponent already has a yacht.
Mrs C has accused Mr. C of having a close friendship with and even being related to Rush Limbaugh. Mr. Crazy has accused his opponent of being a liberal tree-hugger and his TV ads show this picture as evidence:
Our fact checks show that Mr. C is not related to Rush Limbaugh but he is a distant relative of George Bush and while Mrs. Crazy does love trees and gets very upset when her favorite trees start out with a trim and end up with a cut-down, she is not a liberal, she is a simply a very conservative, liberal, independent thinker depending on the topic and there is not enough space on this blog to go into her complicated views.

Mrs. Crazy states she has more job experience as a snowcone holder:
Mr. Crazy counters that his duties as a human stroller have cost him three inches and three back surgeries:

Fact check: Our sources reveal that all of the above are true.

UPDATE! The incumbent has decided to concede the election to her opponent. She will pass on the title, duties and responsibilities of janitor, cook and chief bottle washer to her opponent--Mr. Crazy.

URGENT URGENT UPDATE: Mr. Crazy has decided to concede the election back to Mrs. Crazy. He has decided he would really rather spend more time golfing than cleaning.
FINAL UPDATE: Mr. and Mrs. Crazy have decided to BOTH decline the title. Instead, they have decided to employ underage minors in the work to be done:
Both Crazy's pledge to work together to ease the financial crisis facing our country, and Mrs. Crazy is taking an idea from her Irish roots and The Blarney Stone.

Mr. Crazy has not yet accepted the nomination (tho Mrs. Crazy assures us he will) and Mrs. Crazy is accepting all donations for their food, water and college accounts.

MAKE A WISH--ONLY $1,000 per wish.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy 19th Will!

My Will is 19 years old! Happy Birthday Will!

I remember so well the day he was born. I had C-sections with James and Joe and I was hoping to bypass the knife for Will's birth. Because I had a history of long labor I stayed home with Will, waiting until I was sure it was the real deal. I was babysitting my daycare kids (oh to be young and dumb again! Why was I babysitting when I was five days past due!??) so I waited until they all went home and then Eric and I non-chalantly drove to the hospital, stopping for gas and a drink.

Imagine my surprise when I got to the hospital and found out it was nearly time for Will to make his entrance!!! Yikes! Talk about cutting it close!

But alas, Will, apparently wanting to follow in his brothers' footsteps, decided to go into fetal distress necessitating an emergency C-section.

The best thing about having another C-section was that Eric felt sorry for me and let me have my way on the name. Whatever it takes, huh? Eric and I have always had a hard time agreeing on names. It's a miracle that some of our kids even HAVE a name!

Will had the most amazing eyes from day one. There is a look of eternity in his eyes--he seems to know of things beyond what this life holds. He's part angel; a gift from God, like every single child that walks this earth.

For an angel tho, he sure cried a lot. Can you spell C-O-L-I-C??? Colic that lasted until he was three when he suddenly decided that life was really okay! He went from being my hardest baby to one of my easiest kids! I did spank him once--when he was eight and jumped off the roof of the house on a dare from his brother. He still makes fun of me for the spanking and says it was obvious I could have used more practice! He even told me that I had been afraid to hurt him!

What can I say? Guilty as charged!

Will is kind and sweet and funny and loving! He does still get a case of the colic sometimes (like when working on his car and things aren't going together right) and he likes to be a bit of a renegade, but in a fun way. At least, I think it's funny. (Eric, on the other hand, does not think some of his antics, like mohawks, are funny--but he loves him anyway!)

I feel very blessed that God chose me to be Will's mother.

Happy Birthday Will! I love you!

For his birthday dinner he chose to go out to eat at Olive Garden. Joining us are his girlfriend C, James and Glamour Girl, and my mom and dad.

Instead of cake he wanted cheesecake which Lizzy made. She also bought candles that couldn't be blown out which brought laughs from all.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Cool Update!

Lizzy is done with the new look! It rocks having teens who know something about computers! I especially love how she added the slideshow.

Thanks Lizzy! I love you!