Thursday, November 20, 2008


You have selected option #2--moving.

Not much to say here except that procrastination is making me wait! We have someone looking but only in our immediate area. We got the big "NO WAY!" from our girls to moving out of the school district. I don't blame them.

In some ways, I find it ridiculous that we think we need a bigger house. We actually just need less stuff!

Then again, our house isn't big by modern standards and I recently noticed we have more kids than average.

Don't want a bigger mortgage. Do want more space. Do want to buy in this market. Don't want to sell.

As you can see, still undecided and not planning on doing anything until after the holidays. My boss might give me a big Christmas bonus this year!!! Probably wishful thinking--last I heard he's planning on a jelly-of-the-month subscription.

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Thankfulmom said...

I love the pictures of your boys sleeping in boxes! We are also bursting at the seams, but after visiting homes in Ethiopia, I feel guilty even saying it! We're trying to figure out if we can finish our garage into living space...but something about adopting four children in sixteen months seems to have impacted our finances.