Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy 19th Will!

My Will is 19 years old! Happy Birthday Will!

I remember so well the day he was born. I had C-sections with James and Joe and I was hoping to bypass the knife for Will's birth. Because I had a history of long labor I stayed home with Will, waiting until I was sure it was the real deal. I was babysitting my daycare kids (oh to be young and dumb again! Why was I babysitting when I was five days past due!??) so I waited until they all went home and then Eric and I non-chalantly drove to the hospital, stopping for gas and a drink.

Imagine my surprise when I got to the hospital and found out it was nearly time for Will to make his entrance!!! Yikes! Talk about cutting it close!

But alas, Will, apparently wanting to follow in his brothers' footsteps, decided to go into fetal distress necessitating an emergency C-section.

The best thing about having another C-section was that Eric felt sorry for me and let me have my way on the name. Whatever it takes, huh? Eric and I have always had a hard time agreeing on names. It's a miracle that some of our kids even HAVE a name!

Will had the most amazing eyes from day one. There is a look of eternity in his eyes--he seems to know of things beyond what this life holds. He's part angel; a gift from God, like every single child that walks this earth.

For an angel tho, he sure cried a lot. Can you spell C-O-L-I-C??? Colic that lasted until he was three when he suddenly decided that life was really okay! He went from being my hardest baby to one of my easiest kids! I did spank him once--when he was eight and jumped off the roof of the house on a dare from his brother. He still makes fun of me for the spanking and says it was obvious I could have used more practice! He even told me that I had been afraid to hurt him!

What can I say? Guilty as charged!

Will is kind and sweet and funny and loving! He does still get a case of the colic sometimes (like when working on his car and things aren't going together right) and he likes to be a bit of a renegade, but in a fun way. At least, I think it's funny. (Eric, on the other hand, does not think some of his antics, like mohawks, are funny--but he loves him anyway!)

I feel very blessed that God chose me to be Will's mother.

Happy Birthday Will! I love you!

For his birthday dinner he chose to go out to eat at Olive Garden. Joining us are his girlfriend C, James and Glamour Girl, and my mom and dad.

Instead of cake he wanted cheesecake which Lizzy made. She also bought candles that couldn't be blown out which brought laughs from all.

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Alex and Riann said...

Off the subject...but I can't help wondering what you decided on the tattoo... Did you ask Kelli from Holt BB about it? Love following your amazing lives.