Thursday, November 20, 2008

Operators Are Standing By To Take Your Call

Thank you for your patience! Our call volume and velocity has been extremely high but operators are now standing by to answer your questions.

Please choose from the following options:

For updates on the crazy lady's tattoo click #1 HERE

For updates on moving click #2 HERE

To Wish Rosebud a Happy Birthday click #3 HERE

For answers to when we will adopt again click #4 HERE

To speak to an operator SAY "FIVE."

Say it louder.

We appear to be experiencing technical difficulties, more updates later.

Please continue to hold . . .


SueCQ said...

Where do you get your energy and your imagination?? You crack me up!!

Party of Seven said...

I have a very special surprise for you!!!! I will email you about it soon!!!

Ann said...

Party of Seven--do I dare hope your surprise is that you are moving back? That would be so awesome!

Hmmmm. . . you are pregnant?

You are adopting again?

I give up! Tell me, tell me! I can't stand surprises!

Brenda said...

Can't see the line can you Rus? Rus???