Monday, December 8, 2008

Please Pray Beautiful Eyes Home

I have a very special prayer request--a request to pray for a boy dear to my heart. He needs to come home to his forever family. He is in Vietnam, he is 5 1/2 years old and has been matched with his forever family here in the US for 18 months. EIGHTEEN MONTHS! He waits. His family waits. And waits. And waits.

Why is this boy so dear? He is the the beautiful-eyed boy we were tentatively matched to. He is the one we spent a bittersweet week "with," in May 2007, pouring over his paperwork and pictures, trying to decide if he was the one God had chosen for our family.

I have told the story before so I won't again except to say there was no human reasoning into how we knew Vu (who we had seen on a WC photolisting weeks prior) was meant to be ours. God just seemed to tell us. It was one of the hardest decisions of our lives and so bittersweet. We would have loved to have brought them both home and would have if we could have!

As it turned out, Beautiful Eyes was meant for another family all along and was soon matched to them. And yet, and yet . . . they continue to wait to bring him home. An agonizing wait for a province in VN slow to complete his paperwork. His family is beginning to wonder if he will ever come home. There are other families experiencing a similar wait.

Will all of you, every single one of you, whatever your religion or beliefs, please pray these sweet ones home? They have waited long enough. They need their forever Mommies and Daddies--who also need them.

Put a little note on your fridge or a reminder on your computer or every time you stop at a stoplight, please pray.

Please pray for Beautiful Eyes and for all the kids who continue to wait.


Duda Family said...

Dear Ann - it is amazing how God works - that one of the most difficult decisions of your family's life has became one of the greatest gifts to ours. As the waiting mom to "Beautiful eyes" I can't thank you enough for your thoughtful post and prayer request. It is hard to understand why Hung is not home with us but we are so grateful Vu has been with your family for over a year. We believe angels are watching over our son while we can't be with him and that the province officials will do the right thing soon and let him come home to us. Thank you for continuing to keep Hung in your thoughts and prayers, Love, Mary Li

Stevens Family said...

I pray for them every single day!! Their agonizing wait is just so unfair. I cannot wait till every one of them is home in the loving arms of thier forever families.

Valorie Leonard said...

We are praying for Hung to be home soon!

Ann said...

Mari Li, thanks for adding your thoughts. It was a great reminder that if our agency had allowed us to bring both boys home we would have denied another family the joy of being parents--YOU!

Valorie--you are in our prayers too and Stacey, thanks for adding yours :-)

Blessings to you all,

Annette said...

Thank you for your prayers Ann. We know that God hears every single one of our prayers. He has chosen the perfect day to bring our children home. We continue to pray that that day is soon.