Thursday, December 25, 2008

Snow, Snow and More Snow!

Sixteen inches of snow and six days with no internet or phone--partly from the snow, partly from me trying to play "Tech Support Specialist" and messing it up more! Oops! As I wait for the sugarplums to dance in little heads, some catch-up:

Snow, snow and more snow!
Kim and Paul have a snowball fight with the neighbor guy--my kids thought it was all in fun but I have a feeling my neighbor was getting redemption for all the baseballs hit into his yard!
No internet or phone so--act crazy in the snow!
Gingerbread house:
Watching "Home Alone"--the little boys had never seen it and thought it was hysterical!!!
Candle light service Christmas Eve:
Opening a gift Christmas Eve:
The Christmas Elf comes once again! Super Mario theme:
Cookies for Santa:


J and J said...

Merry Christmas! Love the PJ's. Try and stay warm. We are still snowed in here in Seattle too. This snow is CRAZY!!! Stay warm and snuggle with your family!

Jean A said...

HI, Glad you put your blog address in your Christmas letter. I have a couple blogs myself but mostly picture blogs. I suppose if you click on my picture you might find them. It is fun.

Anyway nice way to catch up with the family. My how they have grown. Think of you often and your number 2 son a lot.

Will keep in touch.

Love always

Party of Seven said...

Merry Christmas. Got your card yesterday! Looks like you all had a great Christmas. We dont have any snow and none in the forecast. Have a fun and safe New Year!! We do the St. Nick thing too and the boys love it.