Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Woody Revisited

We have a busy week here but I have a couple of blogs mulling around in my brain:

1.) Best Christmas gifts for kids (and a few ideas for those hard-to-buy-for adults)
2.) How to handle the question of whether Santa is real.
3.) Family traditions

Until then, I'll give you a re-run of a story retold year after year in our household.
(Originally posted last December)


NOTE: You probably won't believe it, but the following story is 100% true. One thing you have to understand is that I was raised in a family of GIRLS! I have three sisters and all girl first cousins, sans one lone boy. This story comes up every Christmas.

Okay, first, you have to go back in time. Go back about seven years when "Toy Story" was at its height of popularity. Paul LOVED the movie and was obsessed with the main characters, Woody and Buzz. Here is the true story of a mother simply trying to find her son his Santa gift.

I'm in Target searching the shelves for the lovable little cowboy. I can't find what I'm looking for so I find an employee in a red shirt, a young man, early college age.

"Excuse me, I'm looking for a Woody."


"You know, Woody, the toy? I saw you have the little Woody's but I want a big, soft Woody."

The guy gives me the strangest look and snickers. I can't figure out what's so funny. I mean, it's pretty obvious to me that lots of moms are wanting big, soft Woody's because they are so hard to find.

He laughs a little more and then walks with me over to the stuffed animal aisle. On the way, we pass his male co-worker and he tells him that I'm looking for a Woody. They both give each other this strange look and smile.

The second worker explains there are some on the action figure aisle.

"But I don't want a small, hard, plastic Woody." I explain. "We already have one of those. I want one that is nice for cuddling and sleeping with. You know, a big, soft one. And I want the one that talks."

Now, the guys are cracking up, giving each other the strangest look, and I seriously CAN NOT figure out what is so funny.

We walk over to the next aisle and sure enough, they are sold out. Apparently big, soft, talking Woody's are all the rage. I am very disappointed. The guys are now trying to be more professional and one asks if I would like him to check in the back for "a big, soft, talking Woody." The other guy busts out hysterically laughing and leaves.

The guy checks but they really are sold out. He tells me both hard and soft Woody's are always very popular. I leave, still perplexed at the laughter.

Later, going over Santa's to-do list, I recount the story to Eric. His eyes get as big as Woody's and then HE bursts out laughing. He can't believe what I am saying. But, I seriously still don't get it. Eric is happy to explain.

Remember, I was raised in a family of GIRLS! I was (was, as in now past tense) naive and sweet and innocent. I didn't know every word ever used in the history of the human language for that part of the body!

I'm sure those sales associates still talk about the crazy lady who didn't want a small, hard Woody; no, no, she already had one of those. She wanted a big, soft, cuddly, TALKING Woody.



sandwichinwi said...

ROFL!!!! I somehow missed that story LAST year, but I'm so glad you reposted it this year! That is SO funny!!!!!

So, DID you ever get your big, soft Woody???



maxhelcal said...

OMG! I almost spit out my coffee!!!! That's is the best story! You made my morning Ann!