Saturday, December 6, 2008

WOW Toys

Luckily, Eric likes toys with more "pizazz!" Otherwise, Christmas just wouldn't be the same! I buy the classic toys they play with for years--he buys the "wow" factor--they don't play with them as often but they are often more exciting.

These have been worth the money:

Nerf guns--with extra darts

Woodburning set

Two-way radios--much better than walkie-talkies


Lights and Sounds Star Wars Lightsaber

Build-A-Bear (the animals, not all the accessories)

Webkinz (stuffed animals that interact on-line)

CD player

Pogo stick

Roller blades and roller hockey sticks

Electric guitar

Battery powered games--Catch Phrase for older kids
Hullabaloo for younger kids

Light Bright

Marbleworks--ours are from Discovery Toys--we've had them for 20 years.

BB Gun

Portable DVD player

Digital camera

Okay, one last category--THE BLACK HOLE OF FUN!

These are fun, entertaining, long-lasting, and well-loved but I suggest you do not go down this path unless it is already too late--VIDEO SYSTEMS AND GAMES!


Wii System--they actually sweat when playing many of the games

Wii Sports

Other Sports Games

Mario Games

Guitar Hero

DS (hand-held video game system)

Poke'mon, Nintendogs or Wario Touch for DS

One last thing--the HOT toy of the season and the hot toy in our house--

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Max & Anne-Marie said...

I really appreciate your toys lists! 25 years of mom experience sure beats my 1 year! I will be bookmarking this one! Also, I love that you reposted the Woody post. I laughed almost as hard this year!