Saturday, January 10, 2009

2009 Rocks

My (borrowed) New Years' Resolution idea has taken hold. I've struggled with which rocks should be the big ones--so many necessary big rocks and so little space in the jar.

I am not a collector but I do have a handful of meaningful rocks--picked up over the years even including a few marbles from my grandmother. They now have a new residence by my kitchen window.


It bothered me the jar is so full--I like the idea of having room to breathe. I tried to pare down, but each rock is special and in the end I decided the full jar replicates my life.

My biggest rocks this year:
1.) Getting up early--spending time with God and mentally preparing for my day
2.) Health--for the entire family
3.) Education--if for no other reason than the amount of time, energy and money being spent on it--I want to keep the priority high

What are your "big rocks" this year?

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Thankfulmom said...

My big rocks are:

1. More time praying with my husband and children.
2. Overcoming some attachment challenges with Dimples while also pursuing attachment with Honeybee.
3. More joy in our home (see number 2).

This is great to consider. Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!