Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Dictionary For The President Please

Remember my post about Patrick becoming President? Well, I think I still need to teach him a thing or two before his election.

As we watched the inauguration yesterday I marveled at how sweet and mannerly Obama's two little girls were. I wondered how well my own two little boys would do in that situation.

I looked over at them, cuddled up on the couch with sweet smiles. I realized they would probably behave very well. I would have threatened them with their very lives while simultaneously bribing them with goods--the promise of a spending spree at Toys R Us, Cinnabon and Game Stop.

As we continued to watch the inauguration I could completely imagine my two little angels on TV. They were even being quiet in real life, mesmerized by all that was happening on the momentous, historical occasion. I looked up at the TV, and instead of seeing the new First Lady I imagined myself, sitting between my two, quiet, well behaved little darlings. I felt like the perfect mom.

The orchestra members were being introduced . . . and . . .
and my reverie ended.

Patrick cackled with laughter and squealed with glee! He began shouting, "Did you hear that!!!! Did you hear THAT?? He just called that lady a penis! A PENIS!!!"

That's pianist son. Pianist.

I guess we still have a few things to teach him before his own inauguration day.


Sharada & Richard Kettle said...

That's hilarious! Classic! LOL!

Sally- That Girl! said...

That's a boy for ya!!!!

robandchristel said...

Don't feel bad Patrick. I'm 46 and I still have trouble not smirking or cracking up when someone introduces a pianist. Especially at a very quiet or solemn event. I have an even harder time when a pianist introduces themselves by saying; "I'm a pianist." I'm like..."you're a WHAT?? I know...I'm still so junior high at times. Sorry.


sandwichinwi said...

snort! That was GREAT! Go, Patrick!

thanks for sharing!


heh. the word verification for my comment is synym, but I would have to say, that was really a homnym (not really a homonym, but close!!!)

J and J said...

I love it!

maxhelcal said...

Oh how funny. Only boys would think of that!

I was thinking that too while watching the girls during ceremony. I do not think mine could get through it. We went to an award ceremony for Calvin once and as soon as he was called to accept his award, Nolan stood up at at the top of his lungs started shouting and waving " Hi Cal! Hi Callllllll!". He would not stop and so I realized we had to leave. He continued to call out out to him over and over and still waving as we approached the exit. Right at the door he says BYE GUYS!!! Gotta luv him!

Duda Family said...

Laughing out loud!!! Too funny! Thank you for sharing! Mary Li