Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Does He Speak English?

Years before we adopted Vu our son Will (now 19) would advocate for us to adopt another child. He would actually get on Holt's website, find a waiting child he thought was a good match, and download the picture as our screensaver!

Believe me, I would have said "yes" to all of those kids but I have a husband who has a top priority of keeping his wife sane. (Or, maybe he just wants to make sure he still has money for necessities--food, water, shelter, golf.)

Anyhoo, I thought Will would be thrilled when I finally coerced Eric into adopting again. (Did I just say that out loud? Of course I didn't mean coerced, I meant to say when we both decided our lives wouldn't be complete without another child). Will was thrilled--until we told him we weren't adopting a baby. That was when he decided it was not a good idea for us to adopt again, not a good idea at all! In fact, he was very opposed!

Why? He thought it was going to be too frustrating and overwhelming to adopt a child who was older, who couldn't speak English, who couldn't communicate.

Well, suffice it to say that teaching this kid English has been a breeze. I really can't even say "teaching" because he seems to just absorb it like teenagers sponge the 20 bucks we just got at the bank!

I was driving in the car yesterday and reminded of Will's fears--I can't believe how far Vu has come in just one year. He was talking to Patrick about a book:

"Is this the main character?"
"This story is actually very complicated!"
"I think that kid is just over-reacting!"

Yea. I think the kid speaks English--which isn't to say everything is coming easily for him (he's still about three years behind in small motor skills) but it just goes to show that sometimes the things we fear most about adopting internationally can end up being the easiest.


Oh, and for the record, the minute Vu stepped off that plane, Will became his biggest fan!



SueCQ said...

With our travel date just 3 short weeks away, many of the fears that first concerned us when we began this process have surfaced with a vengance!! And the "will he speak English" question is one I hear frequently. Your post was so timely, reassuring and welcome that I had to say "thanks"!! I so love reading your blog!

J and J said...

Vu is such a smart and cute little guy. This was one of our fears as we decide to adopt again. It is kinda funny since we even got the "will he speak english" question and Sam was only 1 months old when we got him. This was "often followed up with "why don't they speak English to him?" I felt like saying "why don't you speak Vietnamese to him when he gets here" but I always kept calm and said that most people there speak little or no english.

Vu's transition into your family has been amazing to see.

Sally- That Girl! said...

My heart always melts when I see my older children playing in the younger ones and when they are acting like their second set of parents, I crack up!

And by the way, as of tonight Bryson is at over 120 spontaneous English words!!!!! Yes, he does speak English, now!