Sunday, January 25, 2009


Today I was sitting in the living room pondering paint color. I just finished painting the entry which started off the snowball effect of me thinking I now need to repaint the entire interior.

See Mommy. See Mommy paint. See Mommy paint and paint and paint. (Perhaps she likes smelling paint fumes?)
See Lizzy. See Lizzy paint. See Lizzy paint and paint and paint. (Perhaps she's trying to earn Brownie points so Mommy will convince Daddy that all girls' college would not be a good thing.)
Anyhoo, as I sat there (pondering paint) Kim ran in, rushed past, then stopped dead in her tracks and retreated. She stood there just looking at me in the most quizzical manner. After a long pause she finally asked, with complete sincerity, "Mommy, are you on time-out?"

I busted out laughing realizing I was sitting in our oft used time-out chair appearing to be doing nothing--except sitting--which is rare.

It got me thinking. I wish I DID have a mother who would put me on time-outs. Ahhh, just to sit and think and sit and ponder and sit. And while I'm dreaming, I wish my mother would force me to take naps. And to go to bed early. I would be very, very naughty. I would need a lot of time-outs and a lot of naps.

The dreams of a mother of many.

Everything comes in bulk in our house--even time-out chairs! Anyone want to come and join me for a time-out session? You bring the Starbuck's I'll provide the chairs!


robandchristel said...

We know you had talked about moving. Are you guys in a new house?? Or just making the old one look new :) ?

asian~treasures said...

Funny!! I need time-outs & naps, too!
Just awhile ago, I told Micah it was time for potty & pull-up before bed. He looked at me & said, "I think you need to change your attitude. Why do you sound mean?"


Ann said...

Asian-treasures I laughed out loud! BTDT! LOL!

Rob, if we had moved you wouldn't have had this blog post to read because I would be insane from having moving.

We still look but more and more I feel like the mother bird in Dr. Suess' "Best Nest" book--there's no place like home! Our kids are so happy here . . . for now, we're just updating this house. Guess that's fodder for a future post :-)

SueCQ said...

I'll be there in a flash, Starbuck in hand!! As long as I'm back in time to catch our flight on Friday, Feb. 6!! Think DH will do all the packing for me??? HA!!

Amber said...

I would LOVE to hang out in the time-out chairs with you for hours.... what a dream! BTW I think your Mom constantly DOES demand that you take a nap and slow down, but you are very very naughty and don't listen to her good advice!

teresafreese said...

I just found your blog spot last night, (by way of rabbit trails) I loved reading about your family. I read for three hours! Lest you think I am the stalker type, I will explain. . . I am a mother of 7 (6 girls ages 12-22 and one boy age 16). We homeschooled for approximately 15 years. Two of our girls are married. We have been through our hardest times in these last couple of years with the most recent event of my oldest daughter and son in-law losing identical twin boys at 24 weeks pregnant. They were beautiful babies and our hearts are so broken. (Her blog "Love in abundance" is the rabbit trail that led me to your blog) I laughed and cried when I read about your family, I was encouraged and refreshed. I am sorry for the loss of your son. I cried when I read about the hug that he gave you on his wedding day! Thank you for sharing your family. I love the beautiful way you express your thoughts, you have a wonderful spirit. God bless you and your family.

Thankfulmom said...


I would love to spend a time out chatting with you in person! I suspect it would go by all too quickly.


Ann said...

Amber's right (aka Texas)our mom does tell us to slow down and take naps--but neither one of us listens!

Wouldn't it be FUN to have all of you who commented all together in one room! As Thankful Mom said, time would fly by! What an awesome time it would be!

maxhelcal said...

Love the picture of you painting!

Don't you just love a freshly painted room! Good job Ann!

Ann said...

Oh Teresa,
I just read your comment and wanted to send my deepest sympathies. The loss of twin babies! My heart just aches for your daughter, for you and for your families. Many people do not understand how profound it is to lose a pregnancy. Please know my prayers are with you.

Katie & Tim said...

hi! i think i emailed you a while ago, wanting to know how you got the slideshow from photobucket. i am having the most terrible time with it. i've been able to upload and organize photos, however, it has been impossible to find the right code for my blog. ANY suggestions/help would be truly truly appreciated. thanks so much!
love your blog (and great big fam!)

Party of Seven said...


You won a blog award! See my blog for details.

Stevens Family said...

Oh, I'd so love a time out (how about during shower time so I can just take a shower by myself for once).
That's one thing I've always though we had wrong in our society - NAPS!! We need naps!!

I'll bring the Starbucks and Autumn and she can play with your kids while we take a time out. Sounds great!