Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Vu!

Vu is seven! It seems impossible that he has only been with us 1/7 of his life--his joy, exuberance and love fill our lives to overflowing. When I realize what a small part of his life we have been able to experience I feel the loss deeply. I am so grateful for the pictures and updates we do have, from the time he was a tiny baby.

He was SO excited for his birthday. He woke up at 6, asked me if it was his birthday, then went flying downstairs. I think he was confusing his birthday with Christmas! There was no disappointment however, he had a full, wonderful day.

Luke Skywalker starts the day with a new light-up Mickey lightsaber:
Lunch at a new pho restaurant and no, he did not eat the whole bowl!
Fun at Chuckies--I just hope this isn't an indicator of how he will drive as a teen:
Grandma and Grandad joined us and gave Vu these cool animals called "zoomorphs" that he liked so much he didn't even want to play video games anymore! All the kids enjoy putting them together and making various creations. It takes a lot for me to think a toy is cool--these get two thumbs up!
New scooter!
Daddy the baker comes through with another awesome cake complete with Vu's American name:
I wonder what he wished for?
Happy Birthday Luke Minh Vu! You came to us so innocent, brave soul that you are, full of laughter and joy, temper tantrums and tears, teasing, laugher, love, boy-energy and smiles. You light up our lives and those all around.

May all your dreams come true.


Katie & Tim said...

hi, i've been following your blog for a little while now, and i am DYING to know how to get a photobucket slideshow like you have. i have been trying to figure it out for days now. i've uploaded my pictures and have really tried to get the same kind of thing you have, but i have not been successful. would you mind telling me how you did it? i'd really appreciate it. my blog is or my email is oh, and my name is katie! thanks so much! happy birthday vu! :)

Ann said...

My computer savvy daughter did it for me--would you like to borrow her?
I will have her e-mail you with the specifics :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Vu!!!!!
from Hannah Morgan(Hanh from BD)

Annette said...

Happy Birthday Vu!

It looks like he had such a special day.


thecurryseven said...

Happy birthday Vu! It looks as though you had a wonderful day.

The Currys

Party of Seven said...

Happy Birthday VU!!!! You are so blessed with such a wonderful family!!! I cant wait to meet you some day! My little girls Birthday is today and she is 2. Glad to hear you had such a wonderful day.