Sunday, February 15, 2009

Betty Crocker's Dead

Remember how well Betty's menu plan was going? Remember those delicious recipes?

I'm sorry to inform you, but Betty died. We had company last weekend so Betty didn't make her Sunday base meal (she went out to eat which was a lot more fun!). She did make spaghetti on Monday . . . but it was all downhill from there.

Tues was Dino Nuggets, Wed--grilled cheese sandwiches and Campbell's tomato soup. Thursday Betty bought Costco deli pizza and on Friday--take-and-bake pizza. Saturday there was a delicious meal of red foods in honor of Valentine's Day--but it was prepared by Lizzy so Betty can't take any credit.

Today Betty decided to go to her parents' house. She was originally going to make a turkey but decided to go eat their food instead--which was very yummy (and free).

Since Betty did not make her Sunday base meal, it looks like Betty's going to remain on the back burner for another week.

Isn't Betty Crocker over-rated anyway?

Here is the transformation of Betty over the years:

Here's Betty this week. FREE AT LAST!
She looks a lot happier than those other Betty's--don't you think?


Thankfulmom said...

I have one favorite blog that gives me a my little bit of beauty each day (the blogger is a photographer). Your blog gives me a laugh or at least a smile most days. Laughter is good medicine! Thanks for getting my week off to a good start.

Sally- That Girl! said...

I don't think you were meant to be Betty Crocker rather Betty Belly Laugh!!! You are hysterical!

Hey, what's the matter with grilled cheese and tomato soup?? I purposefully planned it for a nice and easy Friday dinner this week, now I am feeling inadequate!!!

Anonymous said...

This is your good friends daughter, N from southern California. I just thought since you were discussing recipes that I would tell you we found an old cook book you gave my mom "The (something) Sampler." You wrote in the cover, saying something about thinking of myself and my brother N as your niece and nephew. I thought you should know, I think of you as a favorite Aunt I just never get to see, but brag about as much as I can.

Anonymous said...