Sunday, February 8, 2009

Menu Part 3--Recipes

I have two posts of substance being constructed at present--written in my brain which means by tomorrow I may not remember. One is my best advice for parenting newly adopted children and the other is anger in adopted children.

Time is my nemesis, today will be filled with a special day with my godson (we are going to a new museum), a birthday dinner for Kim, and writing a paper about the movie The Constant Gardner. Have you seen this movie? It is set in Africa so would be of special interest to those adopting from a beautiful continent with beautiful people.

Today you get a post which was already written--I've now added pics. It continues on with the menu idea (still working well). I keep a running grocery list that ties into my menu plan and yes, I let my oldest do most of the grocery shopping which is AWESOME!

Here's what we had last Sunday for dinner:
Here's what it really looked like:
LOL, actually, I didn't take a picture but roast chicken is so easy to do in a crockpot or roaster pan or even a cake pan in the oven. I just cover it with salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder. Yum!
Lizzy made this cake:

Angel biscuits--you bake some--
and freeze some, uncooked, for later. They can be taken right from the freezer and baked.
Here's a recipe for ANGEL BISCUITS.

My recipe is slightly different. I use 2 cubes of butter and no shortening. I also use 3 teas. of baking powder and only 1 teas. of salt.

I double the recipe, bake half then freeze half, already cut out. I freeze on cookie sheets, then, once frozen, put in ziplocks. I bake frozen on cookie sheets at 400 about 20 minutes. These can make the simplest meal yummy!

On Tues we had my sister's Chicken Pot Pie recipe. Best EVER! Use leftover chicken from Sunday. It's easy with Pillsbury pre-rolled crust (in the refrigerated section by the canned biscuits). You can also make two and freeze one for later--freeze uncooked. I use all frozen mixed veggies and no potatoes.
On Thursday we had my Mom's chicken noodle soup.
I used Sunday's chicken carcass to make the broth. I did not have any Reame's frozen egg noodles--they make it esp. good.
My sister already posted the recipe so I will cheat. Click here. You can also make the noodles homemade. It's a lot of work but a fun family project. My MIL is the queen of homemade noodles!

Hopefully a post of substance soon!

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Sally- That Girl! said...

Everything looks so yummy. I can't wait till my oven works again so I can bake your bisquits.