Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What Do You Feed All Those Kids--part 2

Why do kids have to eat so much? And so often? Seriously peoples, isn't it obvious a man designed the human body? He made babies with a head one-third the size of their entire body--yet a stomach only the size of their fist. Shouldn't it have been the other way around?

Now a woman, she would have known that, especially given the fact that she would have been thinking about where that head had to fit to get from womb to room. And once here, she would have considered how nice it would be to just feed kids like fish--once a day.

I don't like to cook. I also do not like to shop and I detest grocery shopping. Given the choice of cleaning bathrooms or shopping I will choose the toilets every time (and remember, I am the mother of six boys)!

But I digress to my whole point . . . figuring out how to feed all these kids. And by law, I guess I have to.

I've tried all the menu and dinner plans--the freezer method, once-a-month cooking, and the OMGsh-it's-five-o-clock-and-the-heathens-will-soon-stampeed-method.

The pantry method worked fairly well--keeping a well stocked pantry and fridge, then choosing dinner the morning of. But remember, I don't like to shop, so there's a bit of a problem with that plan.

And what about sales? I like to fit weekly specials into the menu. And what about nights where we have a crazy schedule? And how about using up the leftovers?

Ready? Ta-da!!!

It's called the _________system (That means I still need to think of a good name before I publish my book).

Here's the deal:
*same menu plan for three months in a row--for me, that means during the same term of school--but there's so much variety, three months is okay.
*base meat plan based on sales/what's in the freezer/what sounds good
*fruits, veggies and bread are the same, all month, on specific nights

Now that you are totally confused, let me explain.
I decide on a "base meat" on Sunday. Let's say I roast two large chickens. I make enough for Sunday and at least one other meal, in this case, chicken pot pie on Tues. I even have enough meat to make homemade chicken noodle soup on Thurs. (It sounds like a lot of chicken but the rest of the week holds enough variety and it isn't noticed and we won't eat chicken at all the next week.)

Sunday: Base meat, biscuits, cook's choice of specialty fruits/veggies/side dishes
Monday: Pasta (spaghetti, ziti, lasagna, ravioli), rolls, salad, oranges
Tuesday: Base meat in a new dish, corn, pineapple, rolls
Wed: Soup and sandwich, apples (can use base meat in soup or sandwich or dinner as simple as canned soup and PBJ)
Thurs: Cook's choice (that often means leftovers :-)
Friday: Pizza--frozen, take-out, or homemade; oranges, carrots
Sat: Mexican (burritos, tacos, quesadilla) lettuce, tom, guacamole, corn chips

By keeping the bread, fruit and veggies the same I know my kids will eat them, I always keep them in stock, and there's no thinking about side dishes. I can always substitute if I decide on something else. That goes for all the meals too.

Ideas for Sunday's base meat conversion:
Teriyaki Chicken--stir-fry (make extra rice for both Sunday and Tues)
Roast Beef--stroganoff--fajitas--french dip sandwiches--vegetable beef soup
Chicken--pot pie, chx sandwiches, Waldorf chx salad, chx soup, fettuccine alfredo,
Pork Roast--stir fry--pulled pork sandwiches
Ham--fried--omelets for dinner--ham and bean soup
Turkey--casserole made with turkey and stuffing--soup--sandwiches

It sounds like a lot of meat but we usually keep it vegetarian on Wed. Fri. and Sat.

It sounds like a lot of cooking but you can use frozen/convenience foods on many nights.

Coming soon--yummy recipes! And an update on Vu! And Kim's birthday!


Mrs. Deem said...

HA! This made me laugh. I came from a family of 10, and my mom tried everything mentioned. And, I have to admit...I'm with you on the toilets. I do not love to cook. I pray for the angelic heart that finds solace in serving and preparing. But, all I can think about is, "They'll just be hungry again in 3 hours!" At least cleaning toilets makes my trips to the bathroom more enjoyable ;-)

Thankfulmom said...

Great post! It is a challenge to feed so many people and sometimes I get weary of the constant meal prep. Fortunately, my husband is easy going about food and just happy not to cook it. I love to feed my family - but I don't especially love to cook. My crock pot is one of my best friends.

I'm with you about shopping - I don't like it at all. I assigned grocery shopping to two of my college kids and they do a decent job, but sometimes there are interesting surprises, despite the fact that I give them a detailed list.

I hope to write some posts along these lines one day soon.