Monday, March 16, 2009


I am so proud of my children!

They are finally listening to all my lectures about time management.

Four children, all sick on the same day! Hurrah!

I prefer this to what they had been doing--dragging out March getting sick one at a time.

The real surprise here is that Vu is sick. His six years in the orphanage he was CONSTANTLY ill with bronchitis, colds, ear infections etc. We expected him to be a very sickly kid--yet here he is, home nearly 18 months, before having his first little cold--the other three are all on antibiotics for strep.

We never really know what a child will be like until we get them home. I have a post coming soon about this very topic.


Sally- That Girl! said...

I agree get it over with at once!!! Sorry to hear they are all sick!!!

Party of Seven said...

Poor babies they look horrible!! Hope everyone gets better soon!

Stevens Family said...

Love that pic! I noticed even before reading that Vu was the only one smiling a bit. Quite the opposite; Autumn was constaintly sick for about her first 9 months home. She's just now well for a couple months, WOOHOO!!

Hope everyone feels better very soon.