Saturday, March 28, 2009

Dear Tooth Fairy

Dear Tooth Fairy,

I know you are getting rather old, but seriously, can't you tie a string around your finger or your wing or something so you don't forget--AGAIN! I mean, REALLY! Passing by our house not just one night, but TWO nights--that's LAME girl--LAME! You SERIOUSLY need to come up with a new system.

I do have to give you credit for making up for your tardiness. Vu was very happy to reach under his pillow and find TWO dollars (instead of the usual one).


And while I have your attention, I know this is a little late, but I think you forgot to come one time when I was around twelve--remember that last cavity filled doozy? You probably owe me quite a sum of money. I'll make it easy on you, simply make out a blank check to our agency for any and all future adoptions.

Sincerely Counting,

All Smiles


sandwichinwi said...

Future adoptions, huh?????? :D

She IS getting old because she also frequently skips our house, more often for the older girls than for Mr. New-at-Losing-Teeth. I think the funds for Daisy's last molar took 3 weeks to arrive!

You can read about our adventures with teeth on my blog (you'll have to scroll back a little bit.)


Brendae said...

She misses our house regularly as well, what a dope! I don't think she ever forgot when I was a kid, I would have been devestated. Luckily Evan is easygoing and forgiving of her. :D

robandchristel said...

What is up with this?? Same thing happens here ALL the time! In the past we just chalked it up to the possiblity that having 6 kids might just confuse her at times. Or maybe too many kids are losing too many teeth at the same time and the Fairy just needs to hire some staff to help. It's just good to hear we are not alone. My kids have now caught onto the fact that if they hide their teeth and the fairy cannot find them, then they may actually get double the amount of money based on the strong possibility that the fairy will think it was her fault in not finding the tooth and thus feel guilty enough to ante up some more $$. We have even found one of our more entrepreneurial kids "searching" for teeth that the fairy may have "dropped" on her way out and putting them back under the pillow for another shot at some more $$. Kind of like a little business. The fairy at one point found a small pebble which looked incredibly similar to a tooth under the pillow of this same child one night. Trying to DECEIVE the tooth fairy is serious business!