Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I am one happy woman! I just pushed "send" on my computer, shooting my last paper of the term into cyberspace (and hopefully into my professor's computer).

IT'S SPRING BREAK!!!! TIME TO GO CRAZY!!! I went into the garage and pulled out every beer we have including the one from Wrigley Field in 2004. Come on over! (Assuming you are all like me, and can get toasted on half a beer, there's plenty for everyone!)
I am ready for Spring Break! I am going to spend lots of time sleeping and blogging! Oh, and of course, lots of quality time with my children:
And friends:
And my bikini:
I even thought ahead and saved myself some time by uploading this video. Instead of having to give lectures and discipline, I can just sit at my computer blogging and hit "Play" as needed.

It might get a little crazy around here!


Texas said...

I'll be there for my 1/2 beer just as soon as I can! Congrats on finishing the term (you inspire me!)_ .... enjoy your time off. Great blog post today!

Sally- That Girl! said...

Have a great break. You more than deserve it!!!

Stevens Family said...

WOOHOOO!! Party like a rock star!! Ok, my idea of spring break as a grad student was getting the house really clean, taking care of things that get ignored while I'm writing papers and trying to get some sleep!!!

Enjoy your spring break. I know it's far too short.