Friday, March 13, 2009

Update On Bryson

Bryson just came home from the hospital! He is still in a great deal of pain but at least he is home sweet home! His surgery was supposed to be in and out Monday so I know Sally would still covet your prayers as they continue on through this trying time. Thanks!

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Sally- That Girl! said...

Thank you Ann for your post and all your prayers and card sent in the mail!! You are wonderful!

Thank you for giving me grace and knowing my heart during this trying time. It was so good to hear you say that you had a hard time with praying when you were in a similar situation. I was praying but only through the really tough screaming or when I could not take any more. No much during the quiet times, I was too depleted to do anything but sit. Thank you the acknowledgment and allowing me to see that it was okay because there were so many others out there praying for him as well!

Today is our turning point and already a much better day at 8am!