Sunday, March 22, 2009


So far, I've made Spring Break very fun and memorable for my kids--including trips to the dentist. Just before heading out I was helping Patrick with his shoes and saw him picking his nose. I started to correct him, then thought better of it because I feel like I'm always correcting him over this yucky habit. We were, after all, still in the privacy of our own home.

He saw my mouth open, then close, then he looked up at me with irritation, took his finger out of his nose and said, "I bet you think I was picking my nose!?"

Me: "Ummmm" (Thinking--Duh! You were up to the second knuckle!)

Him: (Looking annoyed) "Well, I wasn't. I was just cleaning out my nose so the dentist won't be able to look up there and see all my boogers!"

Explanation for everything folks! And one more reason this kid really might become President of the United States!

And now, for your entertainment, a poem by Shel Silverstein:


Inside everybody's nose
There lives a sharp-toothed snail.
So if you stick your finger in,
He may bite off your nail.
Stick it farther up inside,
And he may bite your ring off.
Stick it all the way, and he
May bite the whole darn thing off.

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