Monday, April 20, 2009

Extreme Home Makeover

My consultants have spoken! Yes, "consultants," as in plural! I had quite the variety.

I started off a little frustrated because I had to fire the first guy. His only advice was, "Less kids, more pick-up!" What kind of help is that?!

My second consultant was one I have used multiple times but when I called she said she was in the middle of planning a trip to Germany, planning a twenty-fifth wedding anniversary hoe-down, and on her way to a soccer game. On top of all that, she said she was PMSing. I ended that phone call quickly.

My third and fourth consultants were quite helpful. They gave me several great ideas for reorganizing the kitchen and creating more storage. Consultant #3 lives with her family in a twelve foot wide, two bedroom brownstone. She knows about storage and space.

Consultant #4 is single guy but he's creative and has a knack for seeing things in a new light.

But I really hit the jackpot with consultant #5. The lady rocks--even if she is a little strange! She's one smart lady! Here was her advice on streamlining life, organizing my time, and assessing the problems causing the time dearth:

First she started with some questions:

What has worked to keep the house organized and running smoothly in the past?
What is working well now?
What is not working well right now?
How is time being spent wisely?
How is time being wasted?
If you had more time, what would you do with it?

Her next set of questions were similar, except I was to imagine I was an outside professional looking in. If I had been hired by the Crazy family to come in and reorganize/streamline/evaluate time usage, THEN what would be the answer to questions 2,3,4, and 5? What changes would I recommend?

THEN, I was told to kick it up a notch and imagine that this professional reorg guy was Jesus himself! THEN, how would I answer those questions? THAT really got me thinking!

Wise consultant #5 told me that generally, we have the answers to our own problems, the key is just sitting down and brainstorming possibilities. After a weekend of consulting and brainstorming, I have made a list of solutions that I think will definitely give us less chutes, more ladders! I'll share that next time!

But first, I told consultant #5 I would do a little advertising for her. As I said, she's . . . well, let's just say, she's a little eccentric. She will only accept payment in Starbucks or bookstore gift cards. Apparently, she loves coffee and books as much as I do. Oh, and she also loves Goodwill, which is where she got her weird outfit. She must be from the Pacific NW or something!


Oh, and just for fun, can you guess who the other consultants were?


Sally- That Girl! said...

YOu funny lady you!!!!

Pastoor Family said...

It's about 6:45a.m. and I'm barely awake but I'm sitting here giggling like a freak, not out loud mind you cuz I definitely don't want to wake up the kids.....I'm cherishing the quite.......could your consultant please come to my house?? I have lots of coffee and I LOOOVEE to go to the second hand shops!! ;)

stavin said...

Would love to guess who the consultanta are so here is my best guess.
1. husband
2. sister in Texas
3. baby sis
4. son
5. MOM the best
Let me know how close I am. what fun, I miss you all. Stacey

Pastoor Family said...

Oh my word!! I was showing my daughter your post and read over my comment to you....I told you I wasn't awake yet...I said I was cherishing the quite...what I really meant was quiet but I'm sure you got that already!! :) Oh boy....

Sorry to have brought you to tears this made me laugh...somehow that doesn't seem fair! I have to admit though, I cry every time I watch the music video to Brooke's song!

Thankfulmom said...

Love it! Are you going to share some of their/your brilliant ideas?

Summer is coming and I am eager to finish school and get into some decluttering and organizing. It is time to let go of some things we don't need any longer and give ourselves a little more breathing room.


Ann said...

Stavin--you are one smart girl!!! You were right on all my consultants. You are too smart--and I miss you too! I have going to have to do a "cousins" blog soon and put in some of the fun times we had growing up!!! First, I need to go to kinkos and scan some photos from the good ol' days! Ahhh!