Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

Since Eric's bday gift was selling the house I told him that for Father's Day I would have all the paperwork signed and finalized--we were so close. I failed. In fact, we seem to be moving in the opposite direction! Not sure how the dominoes will fall now. I seriously do not know how people go through this move thing as often as most do! IF it happens, I will never, never, never, move again!!!

My gift didn't come to fruition but Lizzy came through with a beautiful apple pie.
We had a BBQ and my niece came and our big boys came and even the neighbor kids were here having some watermelon.
Then we watched the movie the kids picked out--Mall Cop--hint of the day--rent, don't buy. Maybe don't even rent. The kids had some laughs tho.

And of course, I recycled Eric's Father's Day card. It's a family joke of sorts--I bought him a card 20 years ago with a baseball team of kids drawn inside. The first year of the card, the two older boys each picked a kid on the card and put their names under it and as more kids were born, we would "name" each player on the team with the new child's name. It got to where all the players were designated a name and so when Vu came, we actually cut out a picture of him to put on the card.
Regardless of where we live, our kids are blessed to have a super-duper, cookie baking, bike riding, baseball playing, science project making, homework helping Dad!
Happy Father's Day to all dads everywhere including my own super-duper Dads!!!

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