Thursday, June 11, 2009

I Can Really Deliver

I delivered big yesterday--but speaking of delivery--that Lamaze breathing thing I learned 27 years ago that didn't help one iota for the actual use it was intended for (breathe!) has actually come in quite handy the last few days. Between finals, my 60 page paper, a mini kitchen remodel, lots of painting, and general cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, I've needed to breathe--a lot. I've needed to sleep too but that's apparently over-rated when doing all the above.

Anyhoo, it was my Honey's birthday yesterday and between all that was going on my party planning was ZERO. The day before, when we put the house on the market, I told him I would sell the house for his birthday.

Guess what? I sold our house for his birthday.

One day on the market--one house sold. At least, it looks like it--still working out the details.

I wonder what he's going to give me for my birthday? That's kinda hard to top!

But I could probably think of a thing or two--running and jumping and hugging "things" to help fill that space in the bigger house :-)

Now, to breathe. And, to sleep!

And I promise, at some point, I will actually do a thinking post with some actual pictures of something!


Sally- That Girl! said...

Okay, sounds like God is at work in all this Crazy house moving!!!! How exciting!! I can't wait to see the pictures.

everything we need is enough said...

WOW! ONE day?!? How exciting! It takes us years to sell houses, LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Holy cow are you serious? I am SO jealous. It took us forever (and many price reductions) to get ours sold. I bet all that work you've been doing made all the difference. Congrats!