Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Grandpuppy

On a better note than my last post--I'm now a Grandma! To a new puppy!

Will is getting a lesson in parenting his new puppy who keeps him up all night:





It is so much more fun to have a grandpuppy as opposed to a pick-up-the-poop-take-to-the-vet-feed-repair-the-sofa-sweep-up-the-doghair-24/7-puppy! He comes over and plays and then goes home! (Do you think it will be similar to have grandkids?)


thecurryseven said...

That's the way to have a puppy! I have only owned one puppy and that was enough...I think they are way more work than babies. And this is coming from a mom with sleepless infant twins.

Stevens Family said...

I'm with E. on this one; I'll never have puppies again! We got our boys (litter mates) when they were 6 weeks old. They were so much work. I'll never forget that.

Your grand pup is just adorable :)