Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New House?

I think I'm finally ready to unveil pics of our new house.

You ready?

It's really cool!

It ended up costing us a lot less than we expected too!

Here it is!!!


LOL! At this point in the house stress, I would be very happy to have this as my new house. I am SO DONE with all this buying and selling STRESS that I just want a HOUSE and I want to know WHERE I am going to LIVING at this time next month!!!

Whew! Thank you! I feel better!

I did have to smile when we were having an especially stressful house selling day and Patrick came over, gave me a hug and asked me if it was my worst day ever!

Uh, no son. Not quite. Nothin' like puttin things in perspective!

Do I dare say it looks like the dominoes are going to fall and the house thing is going to happen after all? Stay tuned . . .

1 comment:

Stevens Family said...

Ugg, so stressful. I so know the feeling; we were homeless for about 6 weeks just 2 weeks ago. I'm sitting here among boxes but all is good because at least this is home (for a little bit at least).