Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Harry Potter

I am sure you will all be spellbound with my next ghost-writer. Her magic with words is bloody brilliant. Cheers from Just Kidding Rowling who visited our home during a recent family event!

An argument had managed to break out in Number 4, Not-So-Private-Anymore Drive. Harry Potter found himself face to face with his sworn enemy- Draco Malfoy, whose blond hair was slicked back as always and Harry’s was uncontrolled exposing his lightning bolt shaped scar.
“I hear you’re supporting Ireland at the upcoming match, is that so Potter?” Malfoy said, raising an eyebrow.
“Yeah that’s right,” Harry retorted.
The argument continued momentarily until finally, Hermione managed to cut in and say that the Quidditch cup had already occurred last weekend and Ireland had won 170-160 over Bulgaria. Harry was able to pass off a smug look in Malfoy’s direction before having his arm tugged by Hermione, grabbing both him and Ron at one point as Malfoy drew out his wand.
“Oh shove off, he’s not worth it,”
“Well we’ve already told Mum we’ll be gone for the weekend, haven’t we? We may as well find something else to do,” Ron finally said, scratching his head.
As it turned out, there was an upcoming event that even Draco and Harry managed to agree on attending together. A new muggle movie being released called ‘Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince,’
“Excellent,” stated Ron, reading the description for it. “from the sounds of it, there’s loads of action and magic. Shall we have a laugh at how they try to portray that last one?”
“Sounds brilliant,” Harry replied with a grin.
“Oh, hello Harry,” A dreamy voice said. They turned to find a shocking scene. Luna Lovegood was holding tightly to a chain and behind her was a large three headed dog the trio knew all too well. A hesitant Cho Chang was lurking a fair distance away from the large dog. “We couldn’t help over hearing and we thought we’d attend this… movie?”
“Err… right, yeah of course. You brought Fluffy?” Harry replied, glancing up at the drooling beast.
“Oh yes, I’m dog sitting for Hagrid,” Luna replied.
"Right then.. well, we should get going," Hermione said, taking a step away from the large dog.
So the group straightened their ties, hid their wands away and attended the show and had a good laugh at the muggle interpretation of magic, but all in all, enjoyed the movie.

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