Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mission Accomplished!

Well, we made it! We are finally all moved and have Internet access so life is good! We were completely blessed by an entire crew of friends and family who helped, making it possible to get everything out of the old house and into the new one in just over 24 hours! A feat indeed! Of course, we are still in the midst of unpacking but that will continue for some time, especially since I am trying to sort and get rid of things we don't really need.

I am trying to remember the rule that unless it is useful or I love it (hopefully both) then I don't need it. I am also trying to remember that by letting things go I am blessing someone else who needs it more than I do.

The kids have taken it all in stride, including Vu! I love it when my kids surprise me in a good way! The dog actually had the hardest time. He was in panic mode for a couple of days but has since settled in.

We are having an open house in August--please come!

I don't have any pictures of moving day. I made sure to put my camera where I would be able to find it. Then, of course, I couldn't find it and it was too chaotic to really look. Then, when we were all moved I found it. Right where I left it. In my purse. Alzheimer's strikes again!

I do have this cute pic taken just before we moved when the little ones decided to have an impromptu picnic with our neighbor's and wonderful friends. We were neighbors for 15 years. We miss them already!!! Luckily we still live close and had them over yesterday.



Sally- That Girl! said...

Glad to see your move went well. Can't wait to see pictures of your family in new home.

Annette said...

Yeah! Glad everything went well....and I'm glad you found your camera. Have fun unpacking.


Gretchen said...

So glad the move went smoothly and it's over!! We've moved so much--I have realized you have at least 12 months to say 'we just moved in' and people won't think it's strange that you are still using moving boxes for coffee tables! Good luck!