Thursday, July 9, 2009

Moving and Adoption

Guess what I've been doing?

You only get three guesses.


Or this?

Yup! The second.

We did go to the cabin over the fourth which was a much needed break (as seen in the first pic). It's always fun just to sit back and watch the kids have fun and since James, my mom and dad and a couple of the cousins were there it was even more fun!

Several people have asked how Vu is doing with the move. One of the MANY reasons we had decided NOT to move (before we saw THE house) was because of Vu. We wanted to give him the stability of living here for as long as possible. And then, you all know what happened when we had the world's best "so you're telling me there's a chance" realtor give a call :-)

Here's a pic at the signing with our friend and realtor LP. We feel blessed to know her and highly recommend her.

Anyhoo, I admit I was very worried about moving Vu. He has gained so much confidence but I still see bits of fear come up and he will ask me questions like whether he can still be adopted by a new, different family. We go over the whole process again and again and how the judge in VN made him our son and the judge in the US verified that and gave him the same last name we have. We assure him he will always, always be in our family even when he gets bigger and moves out (tho I also assure him that if he wants to live in the basement his whole life that is okay too! :-)

I've seen tremendous growth in all areas, especially confidence. Last weekend he even caught his first fish! At the beginning of the weekend he was still learning how to cast and by the end he was a veritable commercial fisherman! SO PROUD WAS HE!
He even helped clean it with professional instruction:

Well, so far, so good. We move in 2 days but I have yet to pack his bedroom. I will wait until the last minute and he will help me. He knows everything comes with us and we have even talked about the few things that will stay--ceiling fans, playset, strawberry garden :-(

I still worry about setbacks. Time will tell.

Then again, in some ways, I hope moving will concrete the idea that he will always be part of our family and that nothing, not even moving into a new house, will ever change that!


Sally- That Girl! said...

What a great way to look at your move with Vu that your family is cemented in stone no matter where you go.

You are such a good and KNOWLEDGABLE mama with attachment and adoption issues that there is not a better place for him than with you, no matter what house!

Annette said...

As you mentioned, I think that the move will help Vu understand that you guys will ALWAYS be a family. You have done a really great job prepaing him for this next transition. I've been taking notes of all of the little (and big) things you've done for Vu to help with various situations/transitions.


thecurryseven said...

Vu looks great...I love his smile. I hope he weathers this new transition well. I agree that this move may really help him understand his permanance in your family.

Happy packing!

Stevens Family said...

Oh this was our greatest worry with Autumn too (effects of the big move). Autumn misses her friends in school and in deed had a few setbacks but is doing surprisingly well. We just made sure we included her in every step of the process and kept reassuring her of what would happen and how we'd always be together no matter what house we lived in (for us, this is a continual process vice a one time deal). We've been here about a month and right now our only real issue is she's still getting use to sleeping in her new room (gets up several times a night, wants to sleep with us, etc). I know that'll get better with time too.

All the best on your big move. I know everyone will do great. BTW, Vu looks like he's growing up so fast!!