Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Egg In A Nest

Patrick: "Mom, when are you going to get pregnant again?"
Me, choking on my coffee: "Huh?"
Patrick: "When are you going to get pregnant? I want you to have another baby."
Me: "Uh, well, I'm not going to have any more babies."
Patrick, looking very disappointed,then cheering up: "Can we adopt a baby?"
Me: "Uh, well, I don't think we're going to adopt any more babies either. Why?"
Patrick, looking totally disappointed: "I wanted to name our new baby Skip."

He didn't have a reason, guess it's just a cool name! Right along with some of the others our kids have suggested--Leonitis, Rambo, Zelda, Harry, Hermione, Mario, Zoro, Buzz Lightyear, R2D2. My grandchildren might have some very strange names.

Anyhoo, even tho we won't be having anymore baby eggs in the nest around here (not ruling out big kid eggs in the nest tho :-), we did have egg in a nest out camping. Yum, yum!




Recipe: butter both sides of a piece of bread, tear out circle center, put bread (including center piece) in frying pan, crack egg into hole in bread, fry, turn, fry, eat. yummy!

And here is my ultra-cool coffee maker:
I forgot my pot so I just took a filter, attached it to my mug with one of the girls hairbands and poured the water through. Worked great. Only a few grits!

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Stevens Family said...

LOL!! That's just the cutest!

I so want some egg in a nests now. Perhaps I'll make some this weekend. Thanks for the idea :) Of course now I want to go camping too :)