Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Your Mama's So Fat . . .

she has to drive a 15-passenger van . . . just for herself!

I know, that isn't funny. Except that it is. Especially because I do drive a 15-passenger van.

I am told our new neighborhood used to be very quiet and boring. No longer. Our family now provides noise, entertainment, and an occasional freak show--all for free! Here's what we woke up to one morning . . .



For those of you without teens, "tagging" is what teenagers do to each other in the middle of the night to show affection. At least, that is what I am told. In truth, I think it's what teenagers do in the middle of the night when they are bored. All I can say is that it beats being TP'd.

Lizzy's car looked like this:



My "sexy beast" looked like this:



I didn't understand the "your mom goes to college" until Lizzy reminded me of this clip from Napoleon Dynamite:

Funny thing is, we've been busy making friendship bracelets here. I would be happy to make one into a keychain if anyone would like to donate to my college fund :-)


I actually just finished up for the summer so I am a free woman for the next couple weeks, which hopefully will mean more time for blogging! Lots to catch up on!


thecurryseven said...

I had no idea 15-pass. vans were sexy! I'll have to look at mine differently now. (I love your blue van, mine's the same van, but silver.)


The Coys said...

haha! Impressive drawings, especially the one in a swirl. :)

Sally- That Girl! said...

We may be needing a sexy beast soon!!!! :)

Glad to hear you will be blogging more. I need a few laughs these days!!