Thursday, April 29, 2010

Breaking Radio Silence With Some Good News

In case you haven't noticed, I've been on radio silence here.  Those who know me know that when I go into radio silence mode, my life is really crazy.  I consider writing to be food for my soul--self-care.  I am definitely lacking in self-care right now. 

But . . .

I wanted to take a moment to announce that I was selected for the MSW program!  There were over 800 applicants for 150 spots.

Lots of thoughts about how I'm going to get through the next two years with more schooling--thoughts on working, thoughts on mothering, thoughts on working in the field of adoption, thoughts on more self-care and less radio silence.

Entering the stratosphere again after a period of radio silence.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Life Isn't About a Destination, It's About How You Live Along the Way

Such a wonderful reminder greeted me from my "inbox" today--encouragement from Joel Osteen.  In the busiest of seasons I really do want to enjoy the simple things.


"But none of these things move me; nor do I count my life dear to myself,so that I may finish my race with joy, and the ministry which I received from the Lord Jesus, to testify to the gospel of the grace of God"

(Proverbs 4:18, NIV)
TODAY'S WORD from Joel and Victoria

Sometimes it's easy to become so goal-oriented and so focused on our dreams that we overlook the simple things that we should be enjoying in our everyday life. But we have to remember that life is not really about the destination, it's about how we live all along the way. It's about the path we're on that shines brighter and brighter.

In this life, there is no such thing as a finish line. Once you accomplish one dream, God will give you another. When you overcome one challenge, there will be another. There is always another mountain to climb. If we make the mistake of just living for the destination, we'll look up one day and realize we've missed out on the biggest part of life because most of life is routine. Most of us get up every morning, go to work, come home, eat dinner, go to bed and do it again. There are very few mountaintops where you graduate from school, or you get married, or have a child, or go on vacation. The high times are few and far between. Don't get stuck living for the mountaintops. Learn to enjoy the path you're on. Learn to enjoy the people in your life. Learn to enjoy the simple blessings of walking in the path the Lord has prepared for you.


Father God, thank You for the gift of life. Thank You for the good plan You have for me today and for my future. Teach me to enjoy the journey of life, to embrace each day with joy and enthusiasm. Help me to see the blessings of every moment You have given me. In Jesus' Name. Amen.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Why Does My House Smell Like A Big Fart?

Because we've been eating all the Easter eggs we dyed!

FIVE dozen!  I don't think I am going to want another egg salad sandwich for awhile! 

Does anyone know a secret to peeling boiled eggs and not having them stink? 

On a more positive thought--precious Easter memories.  The boys ended up wearing jeans because I did not have time to go buy them new dress pants.  The world did not end.

And once again, my mom gave herself the birthday gift of treating all of us to Easter Brunch (I'm not sure how that works, but we have tried to treat her and there is no arguing with her, so we all just enjoy the special day.)  It is a family favorite.  It was quite a crew with my sister and her kids, G4 (Lizzy's sidekick), and my niece and her family.  SWEET!

Hoping you all had a very special day too!  He is RISEN!!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Eternal Memories

One thing I'm noticing about being so busy with work and school is that I spend more money for convenience.

But today,  my busyness ended in saving money.  You see, it is now Saturday evening, and I have not yet gone Easter shopping for my children.  I thought I would fit it in today.  I usually buy the kids new clothes and shoes, and it just ain't gonna happen this year.

And ya know what?  It's good.  It's all good. 

We did have an awesome day with cousins having Easter egg hunts and dyeing Easter eggs:

And celebrating my mom's birthday including making her what will forever be known as the fire extinguisher cake.

Let's just say it tasted better than it looked.

And as I ponder today I realize that this is what Easter preparations are really about anyway--not new clothes or new shoes, but new memories that will still be with us in eternity.

Happy Easter!  And Happy Birthday to my wonderful, loving, fabulous Mom! 

You're the best mom! I don't know how God decides which kid gets which mom, but I am so blessed to call you mine.   I love you with all my heart!  You inspire me, each and every day.

Birthday Parties 503

Cindy Lou Who here to give more tips on master level birthday celebrations.

Get rid of perfection.  My perfectionism makes life more difficult.  When I hang streamers, I think they should look like this:

When my kids help me, I have to give up my perfectionism and just let it go with streamers looking like this:

I have to let the most excited child make the crown (not the child who can make it most perfectly).  Vu was so proud of the crown he made, and Patrick was delighted:

I have to let go of what was planned and move on.  For Patrick's party, we planned on decorating bikes and having a parade down to the park.  Patrick was excited about the idea, until one brat of a turd kid stated that decorating bikes was for girls and babies, and he didn't want to decorate his bike.  That kind of burst the bubble for the other boys who decided they didn't want to decorate their bikes either.

Soooo, we did not decorate bikes and I did not take any pictures of the boys riding their bikes (I needed to pout for a bit) but I recovered and did take pictures of the kids playing at the school.

Keeping the party outside is essential to keeping one's sanity. (Another sanity idea is to invite a ton of kids, then have the party over spring break so hardly any kids can come.)

We did return home for cake, presents, and games:

Happy Birthday to my sweet Patrick!  You are my more boy.  More of everything!  You give the best and biggest hugs, come up with the most amazing thoughts, and fill my life in a way that no other person would ever be able to. 

You say that when you grow up you are going to be President of the United States, and I don't doubt you (tho I do wonder how you will be able to combine the job with your other desire--to work at the video game store).  You truly are a gift from God.

Happy Birthday Patrick!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Today . . .

This will be my last post.

My last blog post forever. 

Yep, it's time as I have nothing left to say.

Except maybe I should say that I will miss all of you terribly.

And I should probably also say,

"April Fool's!"

You know I have way too much to say to ever stop!  Even if it's been a little quiet around here lately.

I do have some great posts all written--in my head (comforting, huh?)!

And of course I did play my usual April Fool's joke on the kids telling them we had to go get shots today--at least a few of them always fall for it.  My best joke was the year I told all the kids that state test scores had just been released and they were so low that the school year was being extended for a month.  Even my teenagers fell for that one.  I have also played the adoption joke on Hubby multiple times.  Yes, I tried it again today.  For some reason he doesn't fall for it anymore.

Hope you all had some fun with April Fools!  In case you didn't get enough laughs, here's a hairdo that Patrick did for me one recently--it reminds me of a character from Dr. Seuss. 

Laugh!  It does the body good!