Sunday, May 30, 2010

Filling the silence

My mom's currently out of town for a wedding, so I thought I'd post a few pictures of the cupcakes us kids made this weekend.



Mine-- made for our prom dinner.

Here's a prom preview.

I hope everyone has a great memorial day weekend. Hopefully my mom will be blogging herself once she returns!

Monday, May 10, 2010

A Baseball Team Worth of Children

In honor of Mother's Day I wanted to share this video of the Weimer family.    Heidi and I have a lot in common, and I love her quote regarding how she and her husband had differing ideas on how many children they would have,

 "Because he was only planning on having two kids he probably wasn't thinking we were going to adopt a baseball team worth of children." 

Promo for "3 by 3 by 3" Documentary from David Watson on Vimeo.

An inspirational video worth the 3 minutes. 

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers and to all women who take on a mothering role!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Family Orchestra

Yesterday I had coffee with a friend.  So awesome to catch up and have some ME time. 

My friend asked me how things are going with working.  I realized my answer is quite complicated!  I love my new job and I truly feel I am making a difference for the children I serve.  It wouldn't be possible without my family orchestra. 

If we were to have our own TV show, this is what you would have seen this week:

Monday: I went in to work before the kids were even awake.  Hubby always goes in early so we were both gone by the time the kids woke up.  Was it like Lord of the Flies??  Well . . . Kim wakes up the three little boys and feeds them breakfast. 

Sidenote:  Morning routine is made easy for my girls.  Some people say this is disgusting.  I say it is smart and they are jealous.  I let my boys sleep in clean sweats and t-shirts when the girls get them off to school.  The boys wake up, and they are dressed, ready to go!  (And really, how gross can it be?  The kids are clean.  Their clothes are clean.  Their beds are clean.  It is not summer so they do not sweat.--Genius!)  I also have backpacks by the front door, shoes with socks in them, lunches packed and already in their backpacks. 

Lizzy makes sure the boys brush their teeth, then drives them to school. 

After working a few hours, I go to school myself.  I get off in time to pick up the kids.  I take Vu to get his glasses repaired, stop by the store to buy some clay for Patrick's school project, and then make dinner--tacos.  I do a few loads of laundry and clean house.

Tuesday:  My turn to get the kids off to school.  (The boys wear jeans so they won't be total nerds.)  Then, I go to college and from there, directly to work.  I stay at work until 7.  My neighbor picks up the kids from school. I pay her for childcare.  (I also pay my girls for childcare when I'm working.)  Kim picks up the kids from the neighbor when she gets home from school.  Hubby makes dinner after stopping by the grocery store.  He's also in charge of homework.

Wednesday:  Similar to Monday except I get home at 5, meaning my neighbor picks up the kids, Kim watches them after she gets home, and then we all go to Lizzy's trackmeet and eat fastfood.

Thursday:  Similar to Tuesday, but instead of my neighbor picking up the boys, Will picks them up and takes Paul to the orthodontist.  Lizzy makes dinner because Hubby has to work late.  I help the boys with homework after I get home.  (Did I ever mention the fact that I think homework should be outlawed?)  After the kids are in bed I do my own homework, also true many other nights.

Friday:  I take the kids to school, then go to work.  Will picks them up.  Hubby makes dinner.  We all do the happy dance because it is FRIDAY!!!!  Woo-hoo! 

Will's new shirt says it all: