Saturday, August 28, 2010

Once A Mama's Boy, Now An American Soldier

We have kept this candle burning for the past seven days. 

Our son Will is in his final week of boot camp/AIT.  He will then go on to train for Special Forces.  This week we are sending extra prayers to our son, and his entire company, as this week of training is intense and challenging. 

I'm not sure how it all happened.  It seems like just yesterday he was a newborn in my arms.  He nursed until he was . . . well . . . too old for me to print given the fact he is in the Army now!  He was an absolute Mama's Boy--sweet, sensitive, and never wanting to leave my side!

As he grew, he remained sweet and sensitive, yet always dreamed of joining the military.  Birthday party themes revolved around camouflage and capture the flag, and Halloween pictures are a version of Will dressed like this:

During his teen years I wondered if he would still join the military.  His hair styles seemed to mirror the changes in his dreams.  A professional baseball player?  A high school teacher?  A businessman?

In the end, the passion of his early years drew him back, and he is now an American soldier.

I miss my Mama's boy, but I am very proud of the man he has become--an American hero! 

Sending hugs and prayers to my Willsy boy and to all American soldiers all around the globe!


Sally-Girl! said...

Oh this momma can relate to your post!!! So proud of our momma boy's and heroes!!! They can be both ya know!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so thankful for men like your son who have the honor and courage and desire to serve. And for mamas like you who let them follow their dreams, even when it means letting them go into danger. I'll be praying for Will, and for you too.