Friday, August 27, 2010

Revisiting Code Brown

The previous video reminded me of our trip to CA in 2008.  It was a CODE BROWN.

Here's the memorable part:

"Near the end of our swim the lifeguard got on his loud-speaker and announced, “Please get out of the pool. I repeat, please get out of the pool. We will be closing due to an unfortunate incident.”

I looked around alarmed that perhaps someone had drowned but realized several people were laughing and the exit mirrored that of the barf incident. I asked one of the lifeguards what was up and was hurriedly told, “Code Brown!”

Code Brown? Could it be what I thought? Our kids watched in horror as one lifeguard, apparently the one who drew the short straw, took a long handled net and large garbage bag and scooped something brown out of the deep end of the pool! (All I could think about was the movie Caddy Shack.)

The deep end! Can you believe it? A big person pooped in the pool! Yuck!!! Yuck with lots of laughter and long, hot, SOAPY showers!

Definitely one of the memorable events of the trip. I really doubt any of my children will grow up to become a lifeguard. Looked like a cush job until that point!"

I'll leave you with a mostly unrelated picture.  I do have to wonder where the lifeguard is???  Potty break?  Attending to a Code Brown?

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