Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Day of School Jitters and Smiles

The bittersweet first day of school.  My kids had a hard time going to sleep as they were full of jitters and excitement. 

Well, some kids were more excited than others.  One was ubber excited.  One was grumpy from lack of sleep.  One his usual laid-back self.  Can you guess which is who???

I didn't get any pictures of Paul in his class, because it is so NOT COOL to have your mom walk you to class in 6th grade. 

I peeked in on Patrick and Vu and they were happy to see friends.

There were no tears, not from them and, surprisingly, not from me.  After dropping off the kids and coming home to my very quiet house, I cleaned for two hours.

Four hours later, my house was still JUST AS CLEAN.  Miraculous!  There is something to be said about back-to-school. 

But I would rather have a messy house than an empty house, so it's bittersweet.

Lizzy starts school tomorrow.  She made the back-to-school cookie, since last year mine turned out to look like a cake for a bachelorette party--it is NOT good when your first grader comes home, laughs, and asks you why you made a cookie that looks like a part of the male anatomy.  (it was supposed to look like a pencil). 

Lizzy made hers with Rice Krispie treats.  YUMMY!  And it DOES look like a pencil!

Although I miss my kids, I am so, so blessed to know my children have fantastic teachers and are part of a wonderful school!  Ready or not, school is in session!


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Oh dear....tooo funny! Praying for all the back to school kiddos....can be a tough transition sometimes. Especially if there is lack of sleep :(

4dogs said...

How come we didn't get to see pictures of your back to school cookie from last year?!?!? ;)